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Shunra\Stratus 2.0 for improves performance of distributed applications, shortens development lifecy

ShunraStratus 2.0 for improves the performance of distributed applications, shortens development lifecycle


Shunra Software Ltd. recently launched ShunraStratus 2.0. Designed for the software development team, ShunraStratus extends unit and integration testing for distributed application code, empowering organizations to find and fix problems early in the development lifecycle and deliver robust applications that are optimized for their production networks -- right from the start.

This latest release delivers dramatically enhanced flexibility, enabling developers to perform unit and integration testing under the most accurate and true-to-life network conditions without needing to be network-savvy. ShunraStratus now gives developers the ability to record and play back the production environment directly from developers' desktops. Alternatively, developers can still work collaboratively, sharing pre-defined network scenarios, or work in stand-alone mode and manually enter or adjust basic network parameters themselves. This enhanced flexibility makes ShunraStratus ideal for any type of software development organization, such as enterprise development teams, independent software and hardware vendors, and remote, offshore or outsourced developers, who can now develop their applications to the specifications of the actual production network over which the application will be deployed.

"By optimizing code for the production network so early in the development cycle, ShunraStratus bridges the software development and production environments, helping developers reduce the number of problems that previously surfaced in production, directly leading to shorter QA and deployment cycles, and higher quality applications," said David Hochhauser, VP Marketing, Shunra Software. "This makes ShunraStratus ideal for developers of distributed applications such as ebusiness applications for global traders, remote agents and mobile salespeople, ERP, CRM, and SCM applications, convergence initiatives such as VoIP, as well as .NET and Web Services-based applications."

An essential component of unit testing, ShunraStratus lets software developers see and feel exactly how their application modules perform over the production environment, directly from their desktops. Using ShunraStratus' network emulation technology, the application code behaves as if it were located on a remote desktop, connecting to the datacenter over a wide area network, instead of a local network. With this insight, developers can simply and quickly locate and resolve network-related design, functionality and performance-related flaws within their code.

ShunraStratus is intuitive, quick and easy to set up and use, and does not require developers to have any prior networking knowledge. Version 2.0 is available immediately, and an evaluation copy is available at

ShunraStratus is an integrated component of Shunra's family of distributed application performance solutions for software developers, QA professionals, and performance and networking managers. These solutions proactively optimize distributed applications by incorporating and sharing actual production network scenarios across all phases of the application lifecycle, maximizing performance, quality and reliability.

About Shunra Software
Shunra provides IT professionals with powerful products and supporting methodology to build distributed applications that function properly and perform to specifications right from the start, thus empowering companies to confidently and efficiently deploy their business applications. Among the more than 1,200 leading enterprises and technology vendors worldwide using Shunra's award-winning enterprise lab emulation solutions are: 3M, Accenture Alcatel, Boeing, Cisco, Citrix, Dow Chemical, EMC, FedEx, General Electric, General Motors, Kelly Services, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, Nestle, Pepsi, Pitney Bowes, and Washington Mutual. Shunra's US headquarters are located in New York City. The Company maintains sales offices throughout North America, and supports a global network of distributors. For more information, please visit

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