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Kisco celebrates 20 years of midrange computing

Kisco celebrates 20 years of midrange computing


Kisco Information Systems is pleased to announce the celebration of its 20th year of excellence in the IBM Midrange Computing Market. "We've been through many changes and milestones in our industry, from the System/34 all the way through the iSeries, networking and the Internet," says Rich Loeber, Founder and President of the company.

Rich founded Kisco Information Systems in 1984, after a successful career in data processing with the NY Central Railroad and PepsiCo, Inc. Named for the town of his residence - Mt. Kisco, New York - the company began as a consulting firm, operating out of an extra room in Rich's basement. Early clients included Sunburst Communications, Jacom Computer Leasing, Trans World Airlines and PepsiCo.

Before long, Rich created and started marketing the company's first flagship product, F1 Manager, a tool for disk management and save/restore for the IBM System/36. It was marketed with a free, no-risk 30 day trial, a policy that extends to all of Kisco's products to this day. The product was very well received across an international install base selling more than 1,200 units during its lifetime. It established Kisco as a producer of affordable software utilities that solve real data processing problems. It also established Kisco's reputation for solid, responsive and knowledgeable technical support.

This initial success was followed by Remote Batch Control/36. In the early days of the System/36, size constraints forced many customers to implement on multiple systems networked over SDLC point-to-point network connections. RBC/36 helped these shops move data, programs and reports between attached systems. RBC was also a big hit with more than 3,000 units sold.

In 1988, with the announcement of the AS/400, Kisco moved into this market right away, taking delivery of the first AS/400 delivered in Westchester County, NY. Remote Batch Control was quickly updated to work on the AS/400 and a new version of the save/restore product was announced, called DSK Manager.

Kisco's latest flagship product, SafeNet/400, was first released in 1996. It is an iSeries network security solution that uses IBM exit points to control access to network resources while providing complete security audit capabilities. Currently on version 7.0, the product is continually being refined and honed to better serve the market. A major Central American banking control agency recently audited SafeNet/400 at one of Kisco's customer sites and is now requiring SafeNet/400 for all new iSeries-AS/400 installations by member banks.

In 2002, Rich moved the company out of the town that gave it its name, to a rural town in upstate NY - Saranac Lake, deep in the Adirondack mountains. There, in the comfort of a small town, the company continues to offer world-class technical support, while innovating and expanding its product line. Recently, Kisco inked a deal with Symantec, bundling their Norton anti-virus software with SafeNet/400, to offer virus protection across iSeries networks. Several new products are in the pipeline, and the international customer base is growing.

Rich Loeber is excited about the anniversary, "It's a real pleasure to look back over our years of business in the iSeries market. It's a huge blessing…what a ride! I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of our customers, employees, vendors and my family members who have made it a great twenty years for this company…and I'm looking forward to another twenty."

Rich Loeber can be reached via email at, or via telephone at 518.798.5002. The company website is located at

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