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Manage WebSmart development with TURNOVER Change Management

Manage WebSmart development with TURNOVER Change Management


SoftLanding Systems, a leading provider of software management solutions for iSeries, Web, and multi-platform development, announced the addition of WebSmart support to its TURNOVER Change Management product. Businesses that use either the Original Edition or Java Servlets Edition of WebSmart to develop Web or browser-based applications with iSeries components can now manage their software development process with TURNOVER.

TURNOVER provides enterprise-level software management for all types of applications by integrating source/object management, version control, automated promotions, deployment, project management, and issue tracking into a single process. Because TURNOVER includes support for both traditional iSeries objects and non-native files, it is particularly adept at managing complex RPG-to-Web projects. In addition to WebSmart, TurnOver supports most other popular integrated development environments, such as IBM's WebSphere Studio and LANSA for the Web.

"We are pleased to support yet another option for our TURNOVER customers who are developing and deploying Web applications," said Steve Gapp, president of SoftLanding. "WebSmart developers join the ranks of other Web developers who can easily manage their changes within the TURNOVER framework," he noted.

WebSmart is an integrated development environment (IDE) for designing and generating programs that serve Web pages. A developer's design work is stored in a single text file – a WebSmart Definition, or definition for short. RPGLE CGI programs or Java servlets are generated from these definition files, which have an extension of .pdw. To ensure efficient software development, it's essential to keep track of the generated programs and servlets, plus related definition files, and coordinate promotion of these traditional and nontraditional objects.

TURNOVER manages both the definition (or .pdw) file and the generated RPGLE program or Java servlet. It ensures smooth implementation of all changes by coordinating the movement of iSeries files, along with all non-native artifacts, to test and production environments. It keeps track of WebSmart definitions and their associated output so all components can automatically be identified, checked out, promoted, tested, distributed, and, if necessary, recovered together.

TURNOVER synchronizes implementation of changes across platforms: iSeries, Windows, UNIX, Linux, or any FTP-enabled server. Because users can set up TURNOVER to archive each item it promotes, regardless of its final destination, any promotion across the network can be recovered immediately should a problem occur. Businesses can schedule deployment to run after hours with confidence because of TURNOVER's reliable recovery options. This helps ensure consistent, automated distribution of applications and optimized availability for Web applications.

Together, TURNOVER and the WebSmart IDE ease the development of dynamic e-business solutions that take advantage of the strengths of the iSeries platform. TURNOVER/WebSmart exit programs and commands are included free with each TURNOVER development license. There are no special interface programs to install.

Availability and more information
For more information about TURNOVER's interface with WebSmart, call SoftLanding Systems at 800-545-9485 or 603-924-8818, or email us at

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SoftLanding Systems delivers iSeries and multi-platform Software Management solutions that streamline the entire software development process – from user request to deployment – resulting in enhanced productivity, higher quality software, and improved application availability. SoftLanding's strength is in creating the ideal software management solution for any software environment, regardless of complexity, by drawing on its expertise and tools for software change management, project management, application testing, deployment, issue tracking, and network security.

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