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mrc-Productivity Series development tool suite evolves into open solution

mrc-Productivity Series development tool suite evolves into open solution


mrc announced that its mrc-Productivity Series development software tool suite will now be completely open -- running anywhere, on any platform, and accessing any database.

Why is this so significant? It means that IT developers (and not just iSeries developers) will:

  • need only one tool to build all their applications on all of their various operating systems, which will save money in licensing multiple proprietary software tools, upgrades, language training, maintenance and warranty contracts.
  • distribute workload to most cost-efficient hardware or software solutions for their business so they can better control their own costs by prioritizing and offloading work onto less expensive systems, if need be, instead of being forced into memory upgrades, or expensive hardware purchases.
  • declare freedom from proprietary vendor relationships, insuring businesses from their hardware or software vendor going out of business, and saving money on months of developer training in proprietary languages and methodologies that only apply to one specific platform.
  • create entire business solutions from anywhere from a laptop or desktop with no required connection to anything, Internet or otherwise. The environment is fully portable. This means a level of freedom previously unknown to developers. Create B2B sites from an airplane seat, or a shopping cart application from the beach.

"The mrc-Productivity Series has undergone a major transformation over the last year, not just in outward appearance with the introduction of our graphic BED (browser-based) environment, but with our moves supporting open platforms. And, from what I can tell, the direction it is currently undertaking is unprecedented by any other development tool, not only in the iSeries marketplace, but in the software industry at large," according to Heather Gately, mrc Marketing Director.

With mrc's recent introduction of the mrc-Productivity Series BED™ interface, iSeries developers learned they can now gain access to the mrc-Productivity Series GUI development interface via any Web browser from any Internet connection from anywhere in the world.

And, though the meat of the mrc-Productivity Series traditionally has lived on the IBM iSeries, running on OS/400, the applications that are currently created with the tool have already been fully portable and platform independent for over two years now.

To clarify, mrc-generated applications already run on any operating system: OS/400, Linux, Windows, etc. and access any database in real-time: iSeries, Oracle, MS Access, Lotus, etc.

The only difference is, the mrc-Productivity Series becoming platform-independent creates an entirely new world of possibilities.

"These new capabilities mean that any and all development decisions are entirely up to the individual situation, and go even further to free developers feeling restricted to just the language(s) in their repertoire. It un-complicates Information systems as we currently know them," according to Brian Crowley, Director of mrc Development.

"For example, most businesses are running mission-critical applications on many different operating systems on a variety of hardware. Imagine being able to manage and build all the applications your business would need for all of those operating systems with just one tool. That is what this is about."

"This tool also gives users access to time-tested and efficient solutions, while giving executives the power to keep costs down, and gives IT departments the power to create application systems that will run their business in the most economical, efficient, and productive way. In short, it gives companies the best chance to be successful," said Gately.

About mrc, ltd: mrc, ltd (michaels, ross & cole, ltd), a long-time IBM Business Partner has been producing award-winning development software since 1981. The company's flagship product, the mrc-Productivity Series BED, is the only iSeries development tool suite to provide Web development, rapid application development, and real-time reporting capabilities in one package.

mrc also produces mrc-Lightning CE, a development software tool patterned after the mrc-Productivity Series, and streamlined for specific Web applications.

For more information, contact mrc at 1920 South Highland Street, Suite 203, Lombard, IL 60148; via phone at 630.916.0662; via fax at 630.916.0663; via e-mail at; or via the Internet at

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