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IFS authority considerations -- Part 1

Important IFS authority considerations you should be aware of.

Adopted authority is not supported by the Root ('/'), QOpenSys, and user-defined file systems.

Many operations require *RX authority to the entire path including the root. When experiencing authority problems, verify the entire path including the root rather than only the object and its immediate parent.

Files created with the CPYTOSTMF or CPYTOIMPF commands have data authorities for *PUBLIC set to *NONE and have no group authority regardless of the authorities on the parent directory. The CHGAUT command must be used after the CPYTOSTMF or the CPYTOIMPF command fails to assign the desired authorities.

To retrieve authority information about an object, the user must have *OBJMGT object authority to the object. This can affect functions such as COPY which needs to retrieve authority information about the source object so it can set the equivalent authorities on the target object.

Note: This information was submitted by Search400 expert Ken Graap. It is an IBM software technical document.

About the author: Kenneth Graap is a senior AS/400e system administrator at Northwest Natural Gas in Portland, Ore. He has extensive experience in all aspects of iSeries systems management. That includes proactive performance tuning, system software upgrades and maintenance, hardware upgrade planning, backup/recovery procedures and security.

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