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Vendors tout their wares at spring COMMON conference

BCD, BOScom, LXI, iMessaging Systems and Lakeview Technology were just a few of the companies that had announcements at the spring COMMON user conference in San Antonio.

BCD, BOScom, LXI, iMessaging Systems and Lakeview Technology were just a few of the companies that had announcements at the spring COMMON user conference in San Antonio.

New Web Object Warehousing and document distribution from BCD

Business Computer Design International Inc. announced last week its new Web Object Warehousing (WOW) browser-based document archiving and retrieval system.

The new WOW combines the new Nexus portal version 2 and Catapult version 5 to offer advanced document distribution management. And when users purchase Catapult, they receive the new Nexus iSeries Portal for free. They are responsible only for the annual maintenance fee.

The idea behind the pricing, said Eric Figura, director of sales and marketing at BCD, is to keep costs down and to cast a wider net. "We've broken the barrier of availability," he said.

WOW provides Nexus users with secured, searchable access to reports, PDFs, Word, Excel and other objects that have been included in WOW. Figura said that with WOW, users are able to share documents with whomever they want around with world.

In addition, as new components ship with Nexus WOW lets end users search or view documents and objects that have been added. And as documents are automatically distributed, Nexus can automatically create searchable indexes. Users can also add objects and add their own search keywords.

These tools are available for all i5, iSeries and AS/400 users now.

For more information, visit

BOScom announces BOSaNOVA Thin PC

With BOScom's new BOSaNOVA Thin PC, users can effectively turn a PC into a thin client.

BOSaNOVA Thin PC is distributed on a CD and installs on the PC's hard disk. Once the installation is complete, the PC boots up like a thin client. The PC can then be managed with the Remote Administrator, just like its thin client counterparts.

Ruth Bridger, director of marketing for BOScom, said the Thin PC fills a need in which companies would like to move to thin clients, but they have a large installed base of PCs that they can't afford to just get rid of. "The Thin PC lets people migrate at their own pace," she said.

The list price for the Thin PC is $99. It will be available for purchase this month from BOSaNOVA's reseller channel.

For more information, send an e-mail to

BOScom announces new release of BOSaNOVA emulations

Version 7.0 of BOSaNOVA emulations is now available in the following BOScom TN5250e display and printing emulation solutions that run on Windows 9x, NT/2000, ME and XP PCs: BOSaNOVA TCP/IP, BOSaNOVA Client and BOSaNOVA Plus.

In version 7.0 a Management Module has been bundled into the product, allowing enterprises to save valuable system resources by providing centralized management without interruption or modification of existing workstations.

The module allows a network manager to handle a variety of tasks from a single location on the network, including installation, upgrade and configuration. In addition, version 7.0 of all the BOSaNOVA emulations includes the following enhancements:

  • Screen data can now be copied and pasted directly into a Microsoft Excel file.
  • A mouse wheel can now be configured to scroll by page
  • The External Link feature, which allows users to open any document that is linked to a text string on an iSeries screen, has been extended and now includes a configuration module.

Version 7.0 of the BOSaNOVA emulations is now shipping. Full featured 30-day evaluation versions of the BOSaNOVA TCP/IP and BOSaNOVA Client are available at

LXI adds process control scanner to enterprise media management

LXI Corp. announced the incorporation of the American Microsystems LTD M7100 wireless handheld scanner into its enterprise vaulting solution -- LXI media management software, Tape Tracker.

LXI said that by replacing the manual process of printing reports for verification, the M7100 reduces the potential for errors by enabling tape librarians to scan incoming and outgoing tapes, producing exception reports viewable immediately on the M7100's LCD screen.

By combining the functionality of Tape Tracker with the M7100 scanner, customers can do the following:

  • Ensure that no media leaves the building unless it is scheduled to do so
  • Reduce errors in tape movement by immediately notifying the user if media is missing
  • Reduce errors in packing and shipping off-site media
  • Enhance off-site process controls while simplifying librarian duties

For more information, visit

iMessaging's new Agent Integrator provides CTI for SMBs

iMessaging Systems Inc., provider of automated customer service solutions for the iSeries market, last week introduced Agent Integrator. This software-only module builds on the company's iVoice interactive voice response platform to provide computer telephony integration (CTI) for small-to-midsize iSeries businesses.

iMessaging said Agent Integrator exploits the capabilities of iVoice to manage and control callers who need to speak directly with a live agent or customer service representative.

Using Agent Integrator's call management software and the "transfer" capabilities of iVoice, iMessaging Systems has developed methods and controls that allow Agent Integrator to supervise each call in the iVoice system and direct callers to an agent who is available and has appropriate skills to ensure callers are serviced quickly and efficiently. The ultimate goal is to enhance the experience of customers calling a business by ensuring that every telephone communication with that business is efficient and expeditious.

Pricing for Agent Integrator starts at $15,000 for support of up to 10 agents. For more information, visit

Midrange Performance Group releases Performance Navigator Version 10

Midrange Performance Group announced the release of Performance Navigator Version 10 in compliance with i5/OS V5R3, and the new Power5-based servers. In a major revision of the product, MPG will be supporting new functions in the operating system, such as all new CPU graphs (this is a requirement because of the changes with on-demand), support for IASPs, support for CPU utilization by memory pools, and many "What-If" improvements.

V5R3 introduces performance metrics, including capped and uncapped capacity, weighted priority for an LPAR and a minimum, desired and guaranteed capacity for an LPAR from a shared pool of processors. All of those new metrics are configured by the Hardware Management Console and are measured, reported and analyzed by Performance Navigator.

Performance Navigator Version 10 is available via download from MPG's Web site.

Lakeview Technology and Barsa Consulting announce worldwide distribution agreement

Lakeview Technology, a leader in infrastructure software for the information enterprise, and Barsa Consulting Group LLC, a leading developer and integrator of iSeries business solutions, announced that Lakeview and its channel partner network will offer Barsa's APRM on-demand software solution to complement and enhance Lakeview's high availability solutions for iSeries platforms.

Lakeview and Barsa both have seen significant demand for operational and cost advantages of server partitioning. Resource optimization benefits customers by making the most of their server investments. In addition, APRM allows users to share tape drive, CD and other IOP resources among partitions, eliminating the need to buy and maintain media equipment for each partition. That translates into a rapid ROI for the APRM solution.

For more information about Lakeview, visit And for more information about Barsa Consulting, visit

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