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Vendors unveil new products at COMMON conference

Many companies took advantage of the spring COMMON user conference to showcase new products and features. BCD, iTera, BOScom and LXI were among those with announcements.

Many companies took advantage of the spring COMMON user conference to showcase new products and features. BCD, iTera, BOScom, LXI, PFSweb, Framework Systems and Lakeview Technology were among those with announcements.

BCD makes available a Web browser portlet to iSeries-AS/400 green-screen apps

Business Computer Design International Inc. (BCD) announced Monday that iSeries and AS/400 green-screen applications can now be accessed from Web browsers in a secured environment using the MyiSeriesGreenScreens add-on component to the Nexus Portal.

MyiSeriesGreenScreens consists of an iSeries component and another that resides on a PC server. When BCD's Nexus is loaded on the iSeries machine, MyiSeriesGreenScreens loads automatically. The PC side is ActiveX based and configures for any PC browser automatically once the user keys in a special pass code.

Through a special promotion, the first 1,000 Nexus users will get the software free of charge with the only cost being the annual software support. The normal Nexus license fee is $12,000 for unlimited end users based on a single partition iSeries-AS/400. Nexus is also included in BCD's iSeries Web deployment bundle, which includes WebSmart and Catapult.

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iTera announces major new release of Echo2

iTera Inc. has added new capabilities to its Echo2 high availability product that further enhance ease of use, reliability and total cost of ownership.

New features include the following:

  • Support of MQ Series
  • A newly redesigned, patent-pending auditing process that verifies the replication accuracy of objects at the record level.
  • Expanded system analysis and setup tools that reduce the time of the pre-installation process from two to three days to just a few hours.
  • New processes that alert operators of all system-critical objects in the environment that are not being replicated.
  • Enhanced role swap/failover capabilities that further add speed and ease to the execution of this critical process and give operators assurance that all objects and devices are reliably in place in the backup environment.

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Two new models added to BOSaNOVA thin client suite

BOScom has added the BOSaNOVA TBT-350 text-based terminal and BOSaNOVA WTC-350 thin client to its product family. Both models address the requirement to provide affordable green screen replacements for enterprises with server-based networks.

Features of the new BOSaNOVA WTC-350 thin client include the following:

  • Efficient yet economical SiS 550 chipset provides excellent entry-level solution.
  • Powered by Microsoft Windows CE.Net v4.2 operating system
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 (CE version), RDP 5.2 and ICA 7, as well as Citix NFuse and Tarantella, are included for access to served applications
  • Embedded emulations consist of GUI TN5250e, GUI TN3270e, VT100, VT220, VT400, SCO and X-Term with SSH
  • Two operating modes are supported: Desktop mode, featureing taskbar with icons and WBT mode, suited to full screen applications.

Features of the new BOSaNOVA TBT-350 text-based terminal include the following:

  • Powered by Linux
  • RDP 1.5, ICA 7, as well as Citrix NFuse and Tarantella, are included for access to served applications
  • Embedded emulations consist of GUI TN5250e (including split screen support), GUI TN323703, VT220, VT100, Wyse 60, X-Term and X-Windows
  • Support for three operating modes: Windows 2000 style desktop mode, text-based setup for ease of use in Terminal mode and WBT mode for full-screen applications.

Both models support iSeries, pSeries, xSeries, zSeries, Windows and Unix platforms.

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LXI delivers Open Client API for iSeries backup and recovery

LXI Corp. announced the availability of the iSeries Open Client API. This new interface provides distributed system backup vendors access to iSeries data in a format that will facilitate iSeries inclusion into existing network backup product architectures.

The new API enables any backup product to request, setup, initiate and conrol iSeries backups from a centralized console. It has been incorporated into LXI's flagship storage management products: TMS/ix and MMS.

With this API, any backup vendor can do the following:

  • Receive detail lists of libraries, objects, directories and files from the iSeries
  • Backup data from all user libraries, integrated file systems and document library objects
  • Receive detailed meta data for central content management
  • Contrall control all backups regardless of platform

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PFSweb introduces GlobalMerchant CommerceWare 2.0 for the iSeries

PFSweb Inc., a global provider of integrated business process solutions, introduced GlobalMerchant CommerceWare 2.0.

Designed specifically for the iSeries platform, GlobalMerchant CommerceWare is a full-featured software suite that provides users with a comprehensive solution to enable e-commerce for their company's Web site while easily connecting that site with its back office iSeries applications.

GlobalMerchant CommerceWare's integration capabilities and patent-pending design allows companies with an online channel to easily include robust and real-time features such as inventory availability, integrated order processing linked to the order check out, access to back office pricing processes, sales tax calculation and credit card authorization in their e-commerce application.

GlobalMerchant CommerceWare features include Commerce Engine, iS Connector, Merchant Services Connector, Reporting and Analytics, and Developer Resources.

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Framework Systems announces Web tool to build Web apps in RPG

Framework Systems, developer of iSeries2web, announced its toolbox for extending RPG with new built-in functions. With it iSeries shops can access and reuse existing business logic from RPG green screen applications, construct new modules using existing applications that are GUI compatible and obtain full browser integration and third-party data access via XML.

The new toolbox allows you to reengineer and upgrade existing iSeries applications without leaving the RPG program. There is no need for RPG developers to learn new languages such as Java, CGI or scripting.

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Lakeview receives IBM TotalStorage Proven certification

Lakeview Technology, announced that its availability solutions successfully completed interoperability testing with IBM's TotalStorage for the IBM eServer iSeries 820 server, the IBM totalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (ESS) Model 800 and the IBM total Storage Ultrium Scalable Tape Library 3583. The Lakeview products that achieved certification are MIMIX ha1, MIMIX dr1, MIMIX for Windows and EchoStream.

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