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Virus-scanning engine will ship with i5/OS

IBM has a new strategy for securing the iSeries, and that means users can look forward to free anti-virus software samples.

San Antonio -- In the second of its two-part punch to prevent virus infection on the iSeries, IBM announced Sunday at the COMMON User Conference that it will include Bytware's StandGuard Anti-Virus for iSeries with all distributions of V5R3 or i5/OS.

The anti-virus product StandGuard will begin shipping with all i5/OS V5R3 servers and upgrades to i5/OS V5R3, and it will be available as a try-and-buy offering.

This news comes shortly after Bytware's redesign of StandGuard Anti-Virus to exploit i5/OS's new virus-scanning feature. With this version of the operating system, users will have the ability to detect and clean viruses the moment someone attempts to open a file that's infected.

Bytware wanted to try something to get greater adoption, and we decided to try this distribution method to see how it work.
John Reed
director of product managementIBM

Unlike other distributions of third-party products, in which CDs are simply supplied as extras, IBM will ship StandGuard on the same DVD as i5/OS. Users will load the fully-loaded trial product just like they do other products. Once they enable it, users will have 15 days to try it out, and then decide if they want to purchase it.

John Reed, director of product management for IBM, said IBM understands that security is an important issue, and the company wanted users to have easy access to the StandGuard.

"While i5/OS is secure, other files can be a carrier for viruses," he said. "Bytware wanted to try something to get greater adoption, and we decided to try this distribution method to see how it works."

Christine Grant, president of Bytware, said the company and IBM have been working on the StandGuard project for two years. "This was an important enhancement IBM was making, and we wanted to be a part of it," she said.

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Reed was quick to point out that users are not required to install StandGuard. Users decide if and when they want to use the software. "It will be shipping with all of our licensed products on our core DVD, but there is a choice when loading it," he said.

The StandGuard Anti-Virus trial will ship with V5R3 for the next 1.5 years. Customers can request a full-featured trial by contacting Bytware directly.

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