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Robot/SAVE 10.0 resumes incomplete saves, backs up active Domino databases

Robot/SAVE 10.0 resumes incomplete saves, backs up active Domino databases


Help/Systems, developer of the Robot Automated Operations Solution for the iSeries, announces the release of Robot/SAVE 10.0, the newest version of its automated backup, recovery and media management software. Robot/SAVE 10.0 provides an option to resume incomplete backups. Users can resume multi-library backups from the point where they left off, making it easier to complete a backup without having to rerun the entire save.

New Robot/SAVE users will find it easy to set up their backups using Robot/GUIDE automated setup. Robot/GUIDE creates a recommended backup strategy to save user libraries and system information. Alternately, users who know how they want to back up their data can use Robot/GUIDE to create a customized strategy using Robot/SAVE.

Robot/SAVE 10.0 allows users to back up their Domino mail server while it is active and files are in use. Because users aren't forced to sign out of their e-mail application, Robot/SAVE provides greater flexibility and the ability to recover vital data to the time of the last transaction. Robot/SAVE Domino online backup saves the Domino mail server and its transaction logs. To recover data, Robot/SAVE restores the backup copy of the mail database and applies the logged transactions to the desired point in time.

Robot/SAVE also helps users manage tapes used in tape operations performed outside of Robot/SAVE. It automatically tracks the tapes used in a backup or iSeries write operation and releases expired tapes back to a scratch pool.

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