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StructuredSoft releases first open-source procedural Java platform for midsized companies

StructuredSoft releases first open-source procedural Java platform for midsized companies


StructuredSoft released StructuredSoft Developer, an integrated open-source software platform for midsized companies. StructuredSoft Developer is an Eclipsed-based platform composed of leading open-source technologies, including the JTOpen Java toolbox for AS/400 and iSeries, the Jetty servlet container, and the StructuredJ procedural Java scripting engine that enables entry-level Java developers to rapidly build J2EE systems. Software subscriptions are available at StructuredSoft's Web site.

"There are over 250,000 AS/400 and iSeries customers and ISVs worldwide with highly skilled and productive RPG and Cobol programmers," said Matt Puccini, CEO of StructuredSoft. They have failed to widely embrace J2EE, choosing to wait for a more practical path to Web application development that is less disruptive to their businesses. StructuredSoft Developer is the first and only comprehensive system that effectively addresses the barriers to Java for these mid-sized companies. First, we offer a radically simpler procedural Java programming environment that is familiar to AS/400 developers. Second, we deliver a turnkey integrated system that is engineered completely from proven open source technologies. Finally, we slash the total cost of ownership of J2EE by 50% or more with savings across the board: hardware, software, training and custom development."

"As an RPG/SQL developer, I found StructuredSoft Developer easy to learn and very effective for connecting Web applications to AS/400 data and RPG programs," said Karl Doane, president of Doane Consulting, a Massachusetts-based iSeries consulting firm.

"StructuredJ helps us to develop J2EE applications more rapidly, and allows us to train our developers in significantly less time," said Shawn Hainsworth, president of Infinite Cloud, Inc., a J2EE consulting firm in New York City.

"Our design principle is to provide the Java developer with an efficient and simplified environment for Web application programming, said Nate Chadwick, StructuredSoft's CTO and chief architect of StructuredSoft Developer. "J2EE is cluttered by endless choices of open source and proprietary technologies and design options. Because we specify the complete development stack, we feature only the options that are necessary, making our platform highly productive and simpler to use. This is a clear differentiation from tools and systems that attempt to address all of the options within Java at the expense of simplicity for the application developer. We allow the application developer to focus on creating applications and leave the systems engineering to us."

About StructuredSoft
StructuredSoft engineers open-source technologies into complete solutions for mid-sized businesses and state and local governments. The company delivers an easy path for organizations to deliver Web-based applications with their existing IT and people resources, and provides a range of services to support customers, including software distribution, software maintenance subscriptions, technical support and training.

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