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New Applications Agent from Tango/04 consolidates text logs with any format

New Applications Agent from Tango/04 consolidates text logs with any format


The complexity of managing the multiple and diverse applications, Web servers, firewalls, databases and devices that support today's real-time IT infrastructures makes it necessary to automate the management of events coming from any source in one single console, in order to reduce costs and protect businesses from the consequences of application failures.

This was one of the key messages of the keynote speech of RaÚl CristiÁn Aguirre, CEO of Tango/04 Computing Group, in the company's recent Business Partner meeting, held in Barcelona from March 10 to 12, where he warned that manual management of applications and systems costs companies millions of euros every year.

"Companies waste millions of euros per year manually revising logs to determine problem causes. This approach is costly, and does not allow companies to instantly recognize problems, assess their impact, and react in real-time", Aguirre warned.

"The performance, security, and productivity of a business can be affected by critical events that go undetected because they are lost among millions of unimportant events. The longer a critical error goes unnoticed, the greater the financial cost", he added.

These are some of the issues addressed by the new Applications Agent module, presented today as part of Tango/04's VISUAL Message Center suite of products. VISUAL Message Center allows companies to implement a Business Services Monitoring (BSM) strategy, whereby technology management is aligned to business objectives.

Tango/04 Applications Agent, the Universal Log Adapter

Applications Agent from Tango/04 monitors plain-text message logs with any format in real time. It can process and analyze millions of lines a day, from various sources, and consolidates the information collected in a central graphical console.

When problems are detected, Applications Agent interacts with other modules of the VISUAL Message Center monitoring solution to automate problem resolution, to notify the appropriate person or to create a registry of the incident.

"This is a step further in our strategy of providing enterprises with solutions for automatic management of their critical systems, independently of the technology being used", Aguirre said. "Our technology enables companies to supervise their applications and systems in an unattended manner, avoiding errors and failures in their business processes, and increasing their productivity and user satisfaction."

The Applications Agent architecture permits user-defined file grammar and format definition for total flexibility, and also includes a set of pre-packaged connectors for common event logs such as Microsoft ISA Server, Apache Web Server, and SQL Server. The Applications Agent can effectively monitor any application that exists today, and has sufficient flexibility to be able to monitor applications developed in the future.

A key competitive advantage of Applications Agent is that it monitors logs in real-time, reading files incrementally instead of reading the whole of each file periodically. This reduces resource consumption on the servers and the network.

Applications Agent is fully integrated with the Tango/04 VISUAL Message Center monitoring solution, comprised of a full range of consolidation, notification, message escalation, automation, and reporting modules. This new monitor complements VISUAL Message Center as a solution for security, performance, systems and application management, which in turn enable Business Service Management (BSM) strategies.

The Applications Agent module is already used by various European companies, such as Ersel in Italy, and Pierre Fabre and Aviva insurance in Spain. In one multinational corporation in Belgium, the module is used to monitor its European website, where over 20 million lines of log messages are produced every day by a single application. Any suspicious situation, such as security breaches and errors like "404-page not found", are captured and sent in real-time to the appropriate operator, either through SMS messages to a mobile phone or by e-mail.

About Tango/04 Computing Group
Tango/04 Computing Group is one of the leading developers of systems management and automation software. Tango/04 software helps companies maintain the operating health of all their business processes, improve service levels, increase productivity, and reduce costs through intelligent management of their IT infrastructure.

Founded in 1991 in Barcelona, Spain, Tango/04 is an IBM Business Partner and a key member of the IBM Autonomic Computing initiative. Its products have been certified with the IBM ServerProven designation. Tango/04 has more than a thousand customers who are served by over 35 authorized Business Partners around the world.

For more information, please see or contact Tango/04 directly.

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