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Global Software releases Version 11.1.1 of its Executive DASH product

Global Software releases Version 11.1.1 of its Executive DASH product


Global Software Inc., provider of real-time spreadsheet financial and enterprise data analytic tools and the author of the Global Data Analytic Suite to BPCS, Infinuim, MOVEX, and J.D. Edwards, announced the release of Version 11.1.1 of Executive DASH.

Business end-users need key business data, data that needs to be real-time and accurate. The concept of Executive DASH is to allow users to build dashboard type views of this critical business data. The Executive DASH can perform calculations, drill down to the lowest level of detail, import/export pre-configured queries, automatically populate spreadsheets with lists of customers, products, etc., easily construct queries with the Query Builder, and use the provided Formula Assistant to build queries and parameters. The Executive DASH for Excel works as a Microsoft add-in to seamlessly retrieve any data residing in DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, and Microsoft Access Databases and return that data, whether summary or detail, into that spreadsheet.

Highlights of Version 11.1.1

Easy-to-Use Query Builder
The new Query Builder will simplify the SQL building process for your users. These changes, which will allow non IT personnel to more easily construct queries, and will allow a more visual interpretation of the query building process without having to know SQL. In addition, enhancements to the query result panel will allow for more user initiated formatting and analysis.

Populate Cells Real-Time with Detail Lists
We have created capabilities to automatically populate the spreadsheet with lists of customers, products, etc. into selected cells in a single spreadsheet. This will allow the user to combine live summarized data with more detailed information to achieve the level of detail desired on a single spreadsheet.

Enhanced Drill-Down Process
Utilizing new formulas available within Executive DASH, you can create an unlimited number of drill-down screens affording the user the opportunity to drill down to the lowest level of detail for each query. This process will make it simple to construct extremely powerful applications to evaluate your business data.

Enhanced Graphical Presentation
Enhance the graphical presentation and user interface of your spreadsheets by integrating Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) functionality within the Executive DASH application. Examples include, data within cells, drop-down boxes, combo boxes, and buttons that launch macros.

Enhanced BPCS SQL Catalog
The improved BPCS catalog has over 20 query templates to choose from. These new templates, combined with the new Query Builder, will make the process of building/evaluating your BPCS data very simple.

Jason Schemmel, Director of Development, Global Software, Inc. states, "Our customers have displayed much enthusiasm over this timely release of version 11.1.1 of Executive DASH. Global's clients are always a strategic part of all we do at Global, and this project was no different. We have a world-class development team that works very closely with leaders in our user community to develop a product that the market is calling for. Together, we have accomplished that objective with this latest release of Executive DASH."

About Global Software Inc.
Global Software Inc., founded in 1981, develops and markets analytic and financial/procurement solutions for e-commerce and IBM iSeries environments. The Global Data Analytics Suite is comprised of Global's flagship products, Spreadsheet Server, a real-time financial analysis and reporting tool leveraging Microsoft® Excel, and Executive DASH, a real-time enterprise reporting and analysis tool also leveraging Microsoft Excel. These flagship products are compatible with widely used ERP packages such as BPCS, J.D. Edwards, Infinium, MOVEX and run on DB2, Oracle, SQL Server and Microsoft Access DB. Rounding out the suite is Budget Manager and Cost Analyzer for BPCS.

Other Global offerings include: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Management, Purchase Order, and Inventory. Global's award-winning S*W*A*T (Software Walk Through) provides our customers with a unique implementation methodology and insures a quality level of service that is second-to-none in the industry.

Based just a few miles from Research Triangle Park (RTP) in Raleigh, N.C., Global Software supports over 400 customers and 2000 installed products worldwide. In addition to Global's worldwide headquarters in Raleigh, NC, Global has distributors in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, and Romania. Global Software Inc.'s World Wide Web address is

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