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BCD's iSeries -- Web Deployment Bundle: WebSmart, Nexus and Catapult at 50% off individual license f

BCD's iSeries -- Web Deployment Bundle: WebSmart, Nexus and Catapult at 50% off individual license fees


Business Computer Design International Inc. (BCD) announced the affordable and integrated BCD iSeries - Web Deployment Bundle composed of ProGen WebSmart, Nexus and Catapult. Although still sold individually, the products are now available as an integrated bundle that saves iSeries -- AS/400 shops 50% off individual product license fees. Each product has won major industry awards and all are IBM ServerProven.

BCD's Bundle offers organizations all of the components needed to successfully develop, deploy and securely manage iSeries -- Web application and data access for employees, customers and vendors. The bundle also manages iSeries reports and documents. WebSmart gives users the tools to develop new applications and extend existing iSeries applications to the web either as ILE-CGI or JAVA Servlets. These applications may be served from iSeries servers, as well as Linux, NT, and UNIX servers. The applications may access legacy DB2/400 data, as well as multi-platform data including: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and other. Any browser may be used for secured access.

The Nexus Portal facilitates a single point of access to all applications whether they are developed with WebSmart or not. Specialized portlets also provide indexed access to auto-distributed iSeries reports, user-added documents, spreadsheets, and PDF's.

Nexus offers other portal tools including user, department and organizational calendars, to-do lists and much more. A new optional 5250 emulator called 'My iSeries Greenscreens' lets users access any green-screen applications via the portal. Catapult auto-distributes iSeries reports and documents to user portlets. Other functions include report splitting, forms overlay management, creating and emailing PDF's with Excel spreadsheets embedded, faxing reports, archiving and more.

When compared to IBM's WebSphere, WebSmart offers more functionality, a quicker learning curve, faster application response time, ability to run on smaller iSeries - AS/400 systems, and a lower price point to develop and maintain iSeries-Web apps. By bundling, BCD presents a complete strategic and affordable technology solution that small, medium and large organizations can quickly learn and deploy while being able to easily manage the entire project whether their IT staff consists of one individual or many. This makes the contrast between BCD's technology products and WebSphere dramatically more apparent. According to Eric Figura, BCD's Director of Sales and Marketing, "The iSeries Web – Deployment bundle makes extending your iSeries- AS/400 applications to the Web much easier and much more affordable. No other software offering available today for the iSeries can beat the technology, functionality, ease-of-use, and value offered here. With the excellent and unlimited support available from BCD Technical Support, SMB's and large iSeries shops have all the tools needed to succeed. This is truly technology iSeries people quickly understand and deploy."

If organizations were to purchase this trio of products separately, the software license fees would cost approximately $32,000 dollars for the average sized iSeries installation. When purchased as a bundle, they can now be licensed for approximately $16,000, a 50% savings.

WebSmart, Nexus, and Catapult have all received the ServerProven designation from IBM. The ServerProven designation intends to assure IBM customers that complete business solutions have been validated, optimized and documented to run reliably on IBM servers. IBM offers rebates on ServerProven solutions that are purchased with eServer computers. More details on the IBM ServerProven program are available on BCD's website

iSeries Business Partners, Consultants, and ISV's can acquire BCD technology product licenses for free. Maintenance fees are the only requirement making this very affordable. Call BCD for details.

For questions, to learn more, or to schedule a Live Web Demo presentation please call BCD at (630) 986-0800 or send an e-mail to Fully functional copies of BCD's iSeries Web -- Deployment Bundle are available to evaluate at no charge. Evaluations include unlimited support. Products and documentation may be downloaded by visiting Anyone attending either of the two 2004 COMMON Conferences or the two IBM Technical Conferences can view a full presentation of the iSeries-Web Deployment Bundle.

For over 25 years BCD has been providing industry leading technology and solutions. To date over 10,000 organizations have installed 28,000+ products. BCD has proudly received 20 industry awards in recognition of its achievements in excellence for iSeries, and Web software development tools, report and document management, business intelligence tools and customer satisfaction.

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