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Chrono-Logic launches iAM -- Analyser

Chrono-Logic launches iAM -- Analyser


LANSA Business Partner Chrono-Logic announces the availability of its new development tool, iAM -- Analyser v1.0, a solution permitting developers using Visual LANSA and LANSA for iSeries to directly visualize LANSA's cross references. For each LANSA repository definition and object, iAM - Analyser lets users visualize in real time all LANSA cross references and definitions included in the selected object as well as those cross references and definitions using the selected object. iAM - Analyser was developed in LANSA, is fully integrated to LANSA products and has a LANSA look and feel.

"The queries, APIs and manual analysis of the source code to identify the LANSA cross references are now a thing of the past. Whether for components or for the fields, functions, processes, multilingual and systems variables, iAM - Analyser always identifies all LANSA cross references. The developers who use Visual LANSA will be impressed by the quantity of information returned by iAM - Analyser on components and the timesavings. This is the perfect compliment to Visual LANSA, the solution developers have been waiting for," says Ghislain Jacques, director of development of Chrono-Logic.

Since the LANSA User Conference last July, Chrono-Logic has worked closely with LANSA's technology team, who is now very familiar with the product. "With iAM - Analyser, Chrono-Logic offers a complete solution for analyzing all LANSA function, file, field and component relationships. For LANSA developers, iAM - Analyser represents an easy to use environment developed 100 percent in LANSA that uses the Visual LANSA Framework to provide a familiar and comfortable interface to LANSA developers," says Don Nelson, LANSA's vice president of customer support.

Normand Jacques, president of Chrono-Logic, takes pride that Chrono-Logic is the only LANSA partner to offer this type of product. "Since 1998, Chrono-Logic has invested significantly in Research and Development, always with the LANSA products in mind. iAM - Analyser's functions constitute a true breakthrough technology that permits all development personnel to increase their efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, this product is available at only $3,000 per workstation and there are no specials requirements to install it. This product offers an immediate return on your investment."

Chrono-Logic also offers two other solutions: iAM - for Development (a change management solution) and iAM - for Partners and their customers (a software vendor upgrade).

About Chrono-Logic
Founded in 1998, Chrono-Logic specializes in the development of productivity tools and change management solutions designed specifically for development teams using LANSA products. All solutions offered by Chrono-Logic are 100 percent written in LANSA and completely integrated to the internal structure of LANSA's solutions. To be used with the interface of Windows or green screen, these products support LANSA for iSeries, LANSA for Windows, LANSA for the Web, and native iSeries sources and objects. For more information, please visit

LANSA is a software company that helps customers enhance their business performance through the effective use of leading-edge technologies, services and solutions. LANSA's products provide offerings in the areas of application development, e-business solutions, technology integration and data access. LANSA has evolved into a powerful family of products and solutions that support IBM iSeries, AS/400, Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms. Founded in 1987, LANSA has over 6,700 installations in more than 67 countries including e-business solutions for world-leading companies like Visa, General Electric Appliances, Hershey Foods and Dean Foods. For more information, visit .

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