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DRV Technologies releases Version 3.0 of SpoolFlex

DRV Technologies releases Version 3.0 of SpoolFlex


DRV Technologies, a leader in Spool Management and Delivery solutions for the iSeries enterprise, announced the immediate availability of SpoolFlex Version 3.0. This new release dramatically improves the process of capturing, transformation and distribution of reports.

SpoolFlex V3 allows for Report Distribution of complete reports or selected pages based on spool data values. Complete reports or partial reports can be converted to any e-format and delivered either by e-Mail, Printer, Fax or placed directly on your Server. Native XLS format (Not CSV) and Rich Text Format (RTF) have been added to the existing e-formats already supported. In addition a New AS/400 based Address Book gives users an easy way to store frequently used E-mail addresses, Fax numbers for use in the Report Distribution process or the Manage Spooled File interactive delivery tool.

The new 3.0 release makes the SpoolFlex Suite core components meet the demands of ever changing user requirements without any programming. Changes to SpoolFlex's central technologies include:

Report Distribution
This advanced, iSeries-based tool allows companies to delivery report information in a format and method best suited for the person receiving the report. Features include:

  • Greater Control over report management
    Gives control of report management, transformation and delivery to the users if needed.
  • AS/400 based Address Book
    Allows for storing delivery method in a central location and the flexibility to delivery reports via multiple methods.
  • Deliver reports or specific pages of a report based on Spool Data value.
    Using the AS/400 based Address Book, reports or specific pages of a report can be delivered in many different methods including email, Fax, printer or Server.
  • Auto Convert
    Define as many Output Queues as necessary for Auto Convert. All reports sent to the specified Output Queues are automatically convert to the pre-defined format and placed in the pre-defined directory without any program changes. Any user can convert their own reports to e-Format with little to no training. Or automatically send reports to Archiving applications without making any program changes.
  • Send Reports directly to your Server
    Sending reports directly to a Server gives companies a central location where reports can be stored for access on an as needed basis, backed up, accessed by persons anywhere in the world yet secure as the rest of the corporate data.
  • Interfaces to major Fax products
    Interfaces seamlessly to Fax products such as KeyesFax and Quadrants FastFax products without any programming.

Report Conversion to Excel (XLS)
In addition to adding the ability create XLS files directly (bypassing the CSV process). This feature has been enhanced to take into account financial reports that are not in a fixed layout as far as the columns of data are concerned. With the advanced conversion options you can control which data is converted to the spreadsheet, such as Report Headings, Column Heading and Blank lines. Combined with the ability for user defined options for determining what data should be included or excluded from the resulting spreadsheet ensures the resulting spreadsheet does not require modifications before distribution.

Report Conversion to Word (RTF)
This e-Format type has been added give customers an additional format for which they can deliver their reports to meet their user requirements. Given this Word compatible format allows companies an easy way to distribute report where they may want to change, highlight, and mark up which is not easily accomplished with the ever popular PDF format.

Report Conversion to Extensible Markup Language (XML)
This e-Format type has been added give customers an additional format for which they can deliver their reports to meet their user requirements as well as the IT requirements. Given this format allows companies an easy way to distribute reports between platforms as well as business partners.

Bringing It All Together
Combined into a single, integrated solution, SpoolFlex offers iSeries and AS/400 customers the power to manage and distribute reports without user intervention, greatly reducing, if not eliminating the time and expense wasted manually sorting, splitting, delivering, storing reports, signing and re-keying data into Excel spreadsheets.

In addition, SpoolFlex integrates with all major application vendors such as J.D. Edwards, MAPICS, SSA Global Technologies (BPCS and PRMS) as well as electronic form applications such as EZeDocs, EZPrint, Formtastic, FormsPrint and CreatePrint.

Pricing for DRV Technologies spool management solution is modularized for your specific needs so you only pay for what you need. All DRV software products are flat priced with no extra charges when companies upgrade their hardware. For detailed specifications, tools features and pricing email

About DRV Technologies Inc.
DRV Technologies, an IBM Business Partner provides Spool Management solutions for the iSeries enterprise. DRV Technologies' solutions are installed around the globe in a variety of vertical markets such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, distribution and financial service industries. DRV Technologies is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, with direct sales and reseller networks in North, Central and South America, as well as Europe. For more information, please visit, call toll free 866-378-3366 or e-mail

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