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WRKOBJPDM (Work with Objects using PDM)

iSeries users say WRKOBJPDM (Work with Objects using PDM) is a must-use command.

When we asked members to tell us about their favorite commands on the iSeries (AS/400), Michael Borton said WRKOBJPDM was his. He said he uses WRKOBJPDM (Work with Objects using PDM) a lot when the developers tell him they are running out of disk space, straight after submitting objects sizing jobs to batch. He uses PDM to look first at the journal receivers and save files, and he then takes a quick glance at the physical files in the work libraries. According to Michael, more often than not, you can find the offending objects before the batch jobs complete.

Here are some more tips that make use of the WRKOBJPDM command:

  • A no-code way to regain resources by deleting system and user messages member Leo Judge shows you how to use the WRKOBJPDM command to clean up all messages located in library QUSRSYS and QSYS.
  • A better alternative to SLTCMD
    The SLTCMD command is great, but it only allows you to search with an ending wildcard (i.e. SLTCMD WRKDST*.) There are times when you need more flexibility. Member Timothy Adair says the WRKOBJPDM command is better.
  • View files fast with PDM and RUNQRY
    Follow member Derrick Kostiner's steps for adding a command to the WRKOBJPDM display.

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