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WRKOBJLCK (Work with Object Locks)

Learn why the WRKOBJLCK (Work with Object Locks) command is a favorite in the iSeries (AS/400) community. members Vince Shank and Syed Arif Ali both said WRKOBJLCK (Work with Object Locks) is one of their favorite commands. This command shows all the locks on an object that you specify. Here are a couple tips to help you use it:

  • Who is using the Document Library Objects? member Mohammad Hanif explains how using the WRKDLOLCK command you can check to see if there is a lock on the document library object.

  • Command to find out who locked the file
    What do you do when you need to get to a file but you get a message that says someone else is using it? Use the WRKOBJLCK command to determine who has a lock on the file.
  • Quiesce the system
    What is the best way to quiesce the system when doing a SWA of libraries? expert Ken Graap says it depends on what libraries you want to save. The method he describes involves using WRKOBJLCK.
  • What object is accessing a user?
    How can you determine what object is accessing a user who is using an ODBC connection? expert Shahar Mor says first you need to use
    wrkobjlck 'USSER PROFILE NAME' *usrprf
    to find the job servicing the profile.

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