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WRKACTJOB (Work with Active Jobs)

WRKACTJOB (Work with Active Jobs)

You use the WRKACTJOB (Work with Active Jobs) command to display all active jobs. member Christopher Jewell says WRKACTJOB is very important for solving problems with programs that have errors in batch and/or running interactively, and he uses it through every day. As you'll see below, users have some other interesting ideas for getting the most out of this command.

  • Find out the last IPL done on the system member Shamej Sreedharan says WRKACTJOB provides the easiest way to determine the last IPL done on a system.
  • Three fun things you can do with WRKACTJOB Sometimes it's the simple tools -- like OS/400's green-screen Work with Active Jobs (WRKACTJOB) -- that you take for granted. WRKACTJOB's a lot older than many readers on this list and -- because of that longevity -- it contains some useful features that can be handy in different situations. Joe Hertvik takes look at three fun things WRKACTJOB can do.
  • Usage of WRKACTJOB command
    "DonBourne" asked, "When a user on the OS/400 uses the WRKACTJOB command and stays in the command for a lengthy time hitting refresh or running the auto refresh, does this use up a considerable chunk of CPU which could cause other jobs to slow down?" Several other members offer their thoughts.
  • Exit WRKACTJOB without ending stats member Brian Tunget shows you an alternative way to exit WRKACTJOB.
  • What file is the job waiting on?
    Do you ever have a batch or interactive job go to a status of LCKW on the WRKACTJOB screen (and the user's session mysteriously "locks up" in a "deadly embrace")? How can you tell what job has the lock on the file needed by the job in question so you can take action? Member David Haynes tells you how.
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