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Mark Mason's favorite command is DSPOBJD (Display Object Description). He says that with it, he can find any object in the system. And when he outputs to a file, he can search for useless items affecting his DASD. Here are a few more ways people use this command:

  • Keep track of disk use
    To keep track of (change of) disk use member Nico Beekhuijs runs a DSPOBJD of the entire system weekly. He then uses some queries to show all new/deleted/changed objects, which allows him to quickly find files that are eating the disk space and to see which libraries are growing.
  • Easy identification: Stamp objects with text expert Tim Granatir uses DSPOBJD to stamp objects with user-defined attribute text.
  • Archiving private authorities member Sanjay Lavakare runs a DSPOBJD command daily as part of his method to restore objects on the iSeries.

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