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Aldon further enhances its software configuration management solution with release of Affiniti 4.1

Aldon further enhances its software configuration management solution with release of Affiniti 4.1


Aldon Computer Group has released Aldon Affiniti Version 4.1, the next generation of Aldon's leading enterprise-class software configuration management (SCM) solution. With two major new enhancements -- a project management feature and a shortcut to launching Windows development tools -- Affiniti 4.1 further improves the ease with which enterprise development and operations teams can manage software across a range of platforms and locations.

Affiniti 4.1 now allows users to manage projects -- any set of objects as defined by the user -- across any number of platforms or applications. With this new feature, users can now apply Affiniti functions to projects, including change management and deployment, just as they previously applied functions to individual objects or groups of objects. Further, as developers create projects within any development environment, Affiniti automatically replicates the project and then links it to the project created in the chosen IDE for easy extraction. Also, Affiniti can manage multiple projects simultaneously.

A second new 4.1 feature is that Affiniti has extended its currently available development shortcut to iSeries objects. As with the other environments it supports, developers can now simply double-click on an iSeries object in Affiniti to automatically launch the appropriate Windows development tools. This feature was designed to increase development speed and to decrease the chance of errors when working within multiple environments.

"We built Affiniti in house and from the ground up, applying our years of enterprise SCM experience," said Daniel Magid, president of Aldon Computer Group. "Every enhancement we make to Affiniti is designed to further simplify the management and automation of the development process, while supporting the chosen platforms and IDEs or our clients' environments."

About Aldon Computer Group
Aldon Computer Group is the leading software provider of e-business development management solutions designed for enterprise development teams to get more applications into production quickly while increasing the responsiveness to end-users. Aldon Affiniti Suite manages the entire e-business development lifecycle across all platforms with tightly integrated products that seamlessly span Windows, Unix, Linux, iSeries and Web environments. More than 5,000 companies rely on Aldon's time-tested development expertise and award-winning solutions to rapidly build, deploy, maintain and support their mission-critical software. Aldon customers include nine of the top ten Fortune 100 firms. Established in 1979, Aldon operates globally and is headquartered in Emeryville, California. More information can be found at

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