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Symtrax announces new version of Compleo

Symtrax announces new version of Compleo


Symtrax has announced a new version of its Compleo software -- version 3.2. Compleo, which captures, reformats, archives and distributes spool file reports and output from the iSeries (AS/400), now includes several new features and improved functionality.

Compleo v3.2 boasts:

* The ability to convert AFPDS spool files to PDF format, keeping the images intact.

* Double-byte password security, improving security within Compleo.

* Better management of spool file reports by allowing users to change attributes such as fonts, page layouts and margins.

* Larger selection of PC formats to import the spool file data into, including Excel, SQL, PDF, Word and Access.

* Improved integration when importing data into pre-created templates.

* SMTP and MAPI incorporation for e-mail distribution.

* Ability to send spool file data directly to a centralized location from which users can access via the Web.

Compleo is used by over 2000 companies worldwide, including 3M, Bank of America and Pepsi.

If you are interested in a FREE download trial of Compleo, please go to

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