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Tango/04 VISUAL Control Center achieves IBM ServerProven designation

Tango/04 VISUAL Control Center achieves IBM ServerProven designation


Tango/04 Computing Group, one of the leading developers of systems management and automation software, announced that IBM has verified its VISUAL Control Center solution for iSeries performance management and granted it the ServerProven designation.

As ServerProven solutions offer significant value-add to IBM systems, IBM rewards customers in North America with a rebate on hardware purchases when they buy new IBM hardware together with a ServerProven solution such as Tango/04 VISUAL Control Center.

For example, IBM users buying new iSeries hardware, and using Tango/04 VISUAL Control Center to manage their system performance can receive a rebate of up to $5,000 U.S. dollars directly from IBM.

ServerProven status is for software applications that run on IBM eServers and have been verifiably implemented by customers. In order to qualify for ServerProven status, Tango/04 provided IBM with a series of customer case studies from around the world. Customers were then interviewed by IBM to verify the business value delivered by Tango/04 VISUAL Control Center.

Tango/04 VISUAL Control Center
Tango/04 VISUAL Control Center is the industry's most complete iSeries performance management solution. It continuously and automatically tunes iSeries performance, allowing enterprise systems to adapt to unpredictable workloads. By achieving optimal and predictable system performance, it reduces business risks and ensures a maximum return on IT investments.

As a key component of IBM's Autonomic Computing, an industry-wide initiative to provide business systems with self-management capabilities, Tango/04 VISUAL Control Center includes a range of components for managing different areas of performance, including:

  • Dynamic real-time performance tuning: Using a rich set of business environment definitions and exceptions, VISUAL Control Center ensures that iSeries systems are constantly tuned to ever-changing workloads. It automatically moves processing power within and across logical partitions to where they are needed most.
  • Real-time monitoring: The graphical iSeries 'cockpit' shows business process performance variables in real-time, reflecting the status of multiple iSeries systems or logical partitions. The integrated alarm system monitors hundreds of system variables and runs actions to solve problems when exceptional situations are detected. Actions include operator alerts via email or to mobile devices, running system commands, or integrations with other frameworks via SNMP traps. The new Performance Portal offers full real-time performance status in a web browser interface.
  • Historical reporting: The historical reporting module automatically produces extensive graphs that are used by IT departments, outsourcers, or xSP companies to demonstrate service level achievement to customers and stakeholders.
  • Future capacity planning: Future hardware investments can be planned using the capacity planning features. The sophisticated 'What if…?' analysis ensures a maximum return on investment of all IT hardware spending.

VISUAL Control Center is used by hundreds of companies around the world to optimize the performance of their critical business processes. These include Coca-Cola, CIB Bank, Fortis Bank, Gillette, Telmex, Viking Direct, Brease, Zurich Insurance and many more.

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About Tango/04 Computing Group
Founded in 1991 and with offices in Spain, USA, France, Switzerland, Argentina and Chile, Tango/04 Computing Group is one of the leading developers of systems management and automation software.

Tango/04 is an IBM Business Partner, member of the Autonomic Computing initiative of IBM, and five-time winner of the IBM All Star award for product excellence. Its solutions have been verified by IBM and carry the ServerProven designation.

Tango/04 helps companies maintain the operating health of all their business processes, improve service levels, increase productivity, and reduce costs through intelligent management of their IT infrastructure.

More than a thousand customers in over 60 countries use Tango/04 solutions to manage their systems in real time and achieve their business objectives.

For more information, visit or contact Tango/04 directly.

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