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New Resources Consulting partners with Global Software to distribute spreadsheet server, Executive D

New Resources Consulting partners with Global Software to distribute spreadsheet server, Executive Dash applications


Global Software Inc., a provider of real-time spreadsheet financial and enterprise data analytics tools and the author of the Global Data Analytic Suite to BPCS, Infinium and J.D. Edwards, today announced that that Milwaukee, Wis.- based New Resources Consulting, LLC.

"We view this partnership as extremely strategic in our efforts to advance our domestic agenda in the analytics tools market," stated Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Spencer Kupferman of Global Software, Inc. "New Resources Consulting, LLC is equipped with professionals who have years of consulting experience in the ERP space and are skilled at identifying the needs of their customers. We believe our software will add significant value to their customers' environments."

Mark Grosskopf, president, New Resources Consulting, LLC said, "We are always looking to add value to our clients and partnering with Global Software, Inc. is a great way to continue to present our valued customers with the best value offerings in the data analysis and reporting arena." Mr. Grosskopf continued, "NRC is excited about this alliance with Global, this is a relationship that is filled with experience and professionalism on both sides."

About Spreadsheet Server for BPCS, for Infinium, and J.D. Edwards
Global Software Spreadsheet Server converts your familiar spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel, into tightly integrated analytical tools for your iSeries (AS400) BPCS, Infinium, or J.D. Edwards financial system. Your financial users can leverage the strength of your spreadsheets with seamless real-time integration to your financial information. Spreadsheet Server eliminates the re-keying or downloading of data into your spreadsheet and makes your spreadsheet an integral part of your financial application.

About Cost Analyzer for BPCS
Cost Analyzer allows Engineering, Marketing, and Financial personnel to easily construct product bills of material and routings with instant standard costs. Make product changes, lot size, or batch size changes and see the immediate cost impact. Dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to configure a product formulation and calculate the standard cost. With features such as: bill of material maintenance, process routing maintenance, use BPCS item master or create your own item masters, copy bills of materials and routings from BPCS including alternate methods, no cost rollups required, perform what-if analysis to evaluate standard cost changes, copy existing formulations for new items, easy modification of items and quantities with instant cost change plus much more.

About Budget Manager
Budget Manager allows your organization to streamline and control your budgeting process, ensuring the timeliness, accuracy, and consistency of your budgets. Budget Manager transforms your budgeting process into a dynamic, flexible, and responsive system. Leveraging the popularity of the excel spreadsheet as a budget building tool, the Budget Manager extracts your budget data from your spreadsheets into a central database. Less time accumulating your budget detail means more time for analysis and strategic planning. Global's approach provides the best of both worlds, the flexibility, ease of use, and modeling capabilities of spreadsheets, together with increased back-end capabilities within the budget database. All of the budget formats and layouts are completely user-defined, resulting in a more streamlined interface point for your managers.

About Executive DASH
Business end-users need key business data, data that needs to be real-time and accurate. The concept of Executive DASH is to allow users to build dashboard type views of this critical business data. This view can not only include core financial reports through standard Spreadsheet Server but can now include retrieval of any other data stored in an iSeries system. The Executive DASH version combines the power and functionality of the base Spreadsheet Server product along with additional features. For example, the ability to access any DB2 data within your AS/400, perform calculation and drill-down to the detail, import/export pre-configured queries, customize drill-down data with simple query changes, use data from the spreadsheet as parameters for the query, and use the provided wizard to create formulas.

About New Resources Consulting
For more than a decade, New Resources has been an innovative and trusted advisor to middle market companies in need of IT and Professional Consulting services. Their success stems from their ability to devise highly creative solutions that can be implemented with discipline and precision. New Resources specializes in risk mitigated solutions by offering fixed bid business arrangements and structuring projects to return value and bottom line impact quickly. New Resources Consulting is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI and their World Wide Web address is

About Global Software Inc.
Global Software Inc., founded in 1981, develops and markets analytic and financial/procurement solutions for e-commerce and IBM iSeries environments. The Global Data Analytics Suite is comprised of Global's flagship products, Spreadsheet Server, a real-time financial analysis and reporting tool leveraging Microsoft Excel, and Executive DASH, a real-time enterprise reporting and analysis tool also leveraging Microsoft Excel. These flagship products are compatible with widely used ERP packages such as BPCS, J.D. Edwards, Infinium and MOVEX. Rounding out the suite is Budget Manager and Cost Analyzer for BPCS. Other Global offerings include: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Management, Purchase Order, and Inventory. Global's award-winning S*W*A*T (Software Walk Through) provides our customers with a unique implementation methodology and insures a quality level of service that is second-to-none in the industry.

Based just a few miles from Research Triangle Park (RTP) in Raleigh, NC, Global Software supports over 400 customers and 1,500 installed products worldwide. In addition to Global's worldwide headquarters in Raleigh, NC, Global has distributors in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, and Romania. Global Software Inc.'s World Wide Web address is

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