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IBM gives ServerProven certification to BCD's Catapult

IBM gives ServerProven certification to BCD's Catapult


Business Computer Design Int'l. Inc., (BCD) announced that IBM has given ServerProven certification to Catapult, BCD's award winning automated e-mail, portal and iSeries report distribution system. Catapult joins BCD's web application development tool, WebSmart, which was certified for the ServerProven program by IBM last month.

Under IBM's ServerProven initiative, financial incentives are offered to customers who buy new eServer computers in conjunction with ServerProven products. Customers who qualify may save up to $5,000 when Catapult is bundled with an IBM eServer computer. The details of this rebate are available at

To be included in the ServerProven program, a third party software or hardware solution must have been successfully implemented and must be in use by at least one customer. One of Catapult's 1,000 plus users, Fuchs Lubricants, in Harvey, Illinois, verified Catapult's operability with IBM. Fuchs, the largest manufacturer of specialty lubricants, initially used Catapult to create MSDS documents in PDF format and distribute them via email.

Now Fuchs also uses Catapult to distribute sales reports and detailed .xls documents to 120 customer services reps throughout the world. Catapult is also used to send 'out of stock,' 'credit hold' and other messages to customers, and has recently implemented a system to distribute PO's by email or fax. Fuchs has been able to significantly reduce postage and paper expenses by automating report distribution.

ServerProven certification is intended to assure new IBM customers that complete business solutions have been validated, optimized and documented to run reliably on IBM servers. These solutions include IBM hardware, and third party software, middleware and hardware.

Over 1,000 iSeries and AS/400 shops use Catapult to manage documents. Users include Amgen, Bank of America, Chevron-Texaco, Coldwater Creek, Elan-Polo, GE Canada, Goodyear, Prada, Unilever, 3M and Yamaha. According to Eric Figura, Director of Marketing and Sales for BCD, "An automated document distribution, management and archiving system is a necessary tool for companies looking to move toward a much more efficient report and document management process and eliminate excessive printing. Catapult does just that, while improving on the timely delivery of reports to employees and customers. According to the Gartner Group, an organization spends $600 for every 10,000 pages in unnecessarily prints. Catapult also automates the distribution of invoices and purchase orders using the forms overlay feature. The claim that Catapult is the best solution of its kind for the iSeries marketplace is further substantiated by the number of awards that Catapult has received, including the most recent iSeries News APEX Award for best document management system-- the large number companies that depend on Catapult, and now IBMs ServerProven certification."

Catapult automatically monitors iSeries outqueues and distributes iSeries - AS/400 reports to any network drive, e-mail system, fax, or web site, as well as the Nexus iSeries Portal and Report Warehousing component. An administrator sets up the selection criteria for distributing reports within Catapult with no changes to your programs or printer files being necessary.

BCD's Catapult is comprised of an iSeries –AS/400 host and PC component to manage distribution rules, faxing, portal distribution, e-mail addresses, e-mail groups, and audit trails of activities. e-mail sent from Catapult can be received by any e-mail product.

Catapult checks for new spool-files at scheduled intervals, or at specific times. Spool-files are downloaded to a poller PC where they can be split, converted to PDF, RTF, or HTML, zipped, emailed, and more. PDF, RTF, and HTML documents can contain graphical forms overlays.

BCD is an established vendor in the iSeries marketplace, with industry leading solutions. Over 10,000 organizations have installed more than 28,000 copies of their software to significantly increase programmer and end-user productivity. To date, BCD has received 20 industry awards in recognition of its achievements in excellence for iSeries, and Web software development tools, report and document management, business intelligence tools and customer satisfaction.

Nexus, BCD's iSeries-hosted web portal solution that Catapult integrates with very well is expected to also receive ServerProven status soon. Nexus is designed to provide fast, secure and organized access to enterprise information through web browsers. It works with Catapult to automatically populate users portlets with reports and much more. WebSmart, Nexus and Catapult form the iSeries -- Web Deployment Bundle that BCD currently offers at 50% off the individual prices.

A fully functional version of Catapult is available on a free trial basis. To download Catapult, visit For an evaluation copy on CD, call BCD at (630) 986-0800, or email BCD at

Review Catapult's features and functionality while attending the COMMON Conference in San Antonio, Texas, May 2-4, in Booth 409, and the IBM Technical Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana June 13-15.

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