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Tango/04 becomes IBM autonomic computing business partner

Tango/04 becomes IBM autonomic computing business partner


IBM has endorsed Tango/04 Computing Group, one of the leading developers of systems management and automation software, as a strategic partner in the global IBM Autonomic Computing initiative, recognizing the company's contribution to the development of advanced system management solutions for the IBM eServer family of products.

IBM's flagship Autonomic Computing initiative provides customers with systems that have the ability to manage themselves and dynamically adapt to change in accordance with business policies and objectives.

Self-managing systems can automatically detect events or situations in the IT infrastructure, such as performance issues or security threats, and react to them by running management actions.

An autonomic IT environment means that systems are:

- Self-configuring, to increase IT responsiveness/agility
- Self-healing, to improve business resiliency
- Self-optimizing, to improve operational efficiency
- Self-protecting, to help secure information and resources

As the system observes itself and acts accordingly, IT professional can focus on high-value tasks while the technology manages the more mundane operations.

Tango/04's unique business-centric approach aligns technology management with the achievement of global business objectives. Customers using Tango/04 software solutions can manage, monitor and report on business services running on their IBM servers, in real-time. All aspects of performance, message management, application availability and security that can impact business processes are controlled and automated.

VISUAL Message Center's SmartConsole offers top-down visibility into critical processes, prioritizing the business impact of any problem and allowing operators to easily build self-management capabilities.

"Since our company was founded in 1991, we have been dedicated to automating system management on IBM servers," said Raul Cristian Aguirre, CEO of Tango/04. "By taking a top-down approach to enabling self-managing systems, we provide flexible solutions that are valuable to all levels of our customers' organization, from the CIO to expert system operators, and that deliver high-level visibility into the ongoing health of business processes."

As part of the agreement, IBM and Tango/04 will participate together in Autonomic Computing seminars and workshops worldwide, showing customers how self-management solutions can align technology with business objectives and reduce IT management costs.

IBM will also provide Tango/04 with technical resources –including access to Solution Partnership Centers– to enable continued development of Autonomic Solutions, and to allow Tango/04 to extend support to other IBM hardware platforms and middleware.

IBM's Autonomic Computing division is led by Alan Ganek, former Vice President of Strategy, IBM Research. The group integrates related activities across the company and helps customers and partners build more automated IT infrastructures to reduce costs, improve up-time and make the most efficient use of increasingly scarce support skills.

IBM's vision of Autonomic Computing embraces the development of intelligent, open systems capable of running with minimal human intervention, adapting to varying circumstances in accordance with business policies and objectives, and preparing resources to most efficiently handle the workloads put upon them.

For more information on the IBM Autonomic Computing initiative, visit

For more information about the IBM Autonomic Computing Business Partner program, visit

Founded in 1991 and with offices in Spain, the United States, France, Switzerland, Argentina and Chile, Tango/04 Computing Group is one of the leading developers of systems management and business automation software.

Tango/04 is an IBM Business Partner, member of the IBM Autonomic Computing initiative, and five-time winner of the IBM All Star award for product excellence. Its solutions have been verified by IBM and carry the IBM ServerProven designation.

Tango/04 helps companies maintain the operating health of all their business processes, improve service levels, increase productivity, and reduce costs through intelligent management of their IT infrastructure.

Thousands of customers in over 60 countries use Tango/04 solutions to manage their systems in real time and achieve their business objectives.

For more information, visit or contact Tango/04 directly.

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