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Vision Solutions offers "HA for 25K" -- solutions for SMBs

Vision Solutions offers "HA for 25K" -- solutions for SMBs


Vision Solutions, a leading managed availability solutions provider, announced a series of packaged high-availability solution offerings for both IBM's OS/400 and Windows. The new offerings leverage Vision's industry leading ORION software and enable a company to lower the entry point for a complete HA solution-allowing small and medium sized businesses to protect their data and applications for just $25,000. The offerings are an extension of the recent worldwide launch activities surrounding ORION, the industry's first multi-platform managed availability solution.

The new iSeries offering is based on ORION Express for OS/400 on iSeries 810-2465, 810-2466, 810-2467 and 810-2469. The Windows solution applies to ORION Professional for Windows for a pair of single CPU Intel or IXS/IXA servers running on iSeries servers. Services and support will be supplied by Vision Solutions or a participating, certified Vision VIP Partner and include professional on-site implementation, operator training and software maintenance and support for one year.

"Small and medium-sized businesses have traditionally been hard pressed in acquiring HA solutions because of the price of both hardware and software as well as the skill sets needed to manage the systems," explained David Wegman, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Vision Solutions. "These offerings address these issues and include the tools, methods and skills required to enable the implementation of an HA solution tailored to the specific needs of a client while leveraging the same enterprise class functionality used by larger companies … all at a fraction of the price."

The new offerings qualify as a "value add" and "qualifying software" under the terms of IBM's HA Server Offering, enabling customers to save up to an additional $40,000 through IBM by leveraging the aggressively priced IBM 810 HA Server for the second machine when they purchase the "HA for 25k" solution.

ORION is the first multiplatform solution that enables users to predictably manage the functional availability of servers, data and applications across an enterprise, regardless of platform. ORION supports the OS/400, Windows and Linux platforms and DB2/400, UDB, Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server databases. Its functions include data integration across disparate databases as well as managed application and server availability within both homogeneous and heterogeneous environments including multi-system fail-over and recovery all from a common interface.

About Vision Solutions
Vision Solutions is headquartered in Irvine, Calif., and provides solutions for assuring the availability of a company's mission-critical applications and data. With more than 2,000 customers and 10,000 licenses in 70 countries, the company is a leading managed availability vendor for the IBM eServer iSeries. Through its worldwide network of channel partners, the company supports virtually every industry with its world-class solutions, Visualize, Vision Suite, ORION and Symbiator. Vision Solutions is an IBM Premier Business Partner and an IBM High Availability Business Partner. Vision Solutions is a member of the publicly traded IDION group of companies (JSE: IDI). For more information on Vision Solutions, please visit the company's web site at

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