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inForm's iDocs enhanced in version 3.93

inForm's iDocs enhanced in version 3.93


inFORM Decisions released version 3.93 of iDocs, its iSeries-based software solution that enables users to quickly and easily develop electronic form documents. New features and enhancements include Smart Routing, enhanced e-mail and security capabilities and better archiving controls.

Smart Routing, is a significant new feature that automates spooled file sorting, extraction of fax numbers and email addresses, and the relocation of spooled files to an alternative queue if an email address is not found. Important security enhancements have also been made to iDocs. Security officers can now configure the forms tool to automatically change the ownership of a spool file from the current user to their own profile after it has been used once. This feature eliminates the possibility of a payroll clerk printing or distributing the same checks twice. iDocs also now limits access to spool files based on authorization, and new controls can now be used to enable or disable command line access.

In Version 3.93, iDocs lets users email native spooled files from the main menu. Previously, inFORM's snap in email solution called iMail™ was required to automate document distribution via e-mail.

iDocs now lets users separate processed spooled files based on the spooled file type. A/P checks, payroll checks, purchase orders and job cost reports can collected in separate archive out queues, resulting in better organization and efficiency. Better subfile navigation controls have been added which allow users to quickly and easily move through a spooled file list.

Three optional iDocs modules have also been completed. iMap is a graphical, point and click spool data mapping tool that gives a forms designer the ability to populate form fields with iSeries spool data using a GUI interface. Another new optional module called iView™ gives users a web-based iSeries document archive, search, and retrieval mechanism. Finally, PDF Enabler is an in-line PDF converter that lets users instantly email, fax, archive or print documents on a laser printer in PDF format.

Dan Forster, president of inFORM Decisions says, "iDocs is a big tool box that allows users to solve forms automation problems in any one of a number of ways. "We give our clients tools that let them to do many different things in the realm of eForms, eChecks, reports and automated document distribution without forcing them through a process in a defined way."

Since 1994, inFORM Decisions has focused on developing eForm and eCheck automation solutions that represent measurable value to a broad segment of IBM AS/400-iSeries computer users. Frequent product enhancements give customers additional value beyond their initial investment, according to Forster. While significant new functionality is available to customers at no charge, other extensive development efforts are released as optional add-on modules to iDOCS, and are priced separately.

iDocs licenses start at $4,995. For additional information or a free demonstration of iDocs, please call (800) 858 5544, (949) 709-5838, or visit

About iDocs
iDocs is an iSeries-based, software suite that allows users to quickly and easily develop electronic form documents. eForm development is simplified with pull-down menu screens that prompt for desired form definitions, including auto-burst and de-collate, multipart form distribution, auto-form rotation, backside printing, paper tray selection, output queue locations, archive spool file options and other features.

iDocs automatic, artificially intelligent-based front end can automatically convert the scan of a printed form into an eForms template.

iDocs backend provides numerous methods for defining merges of spool file data to designed form templates. An unlimited number of engines can be defined to poll designated output queues for desired spool files. Optionally inFORM Decisions can provide "Print Immediate" API's to define the parameters of the form's merge operation.

ASCII pass thru, client/server functionality and AS/4000 workflow features enable users to email or fax iDocs compiled and merged forms anywhere, or they can be printed on any network connected printer. iDocs has a small footprint and represents a minimal impact on system resources. It also offers a highly secure and efficient method of form storage.

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