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Bytware's StandGuard solutions "ServerProven" by IBM

Bytware's StandGuard solutions "ServerProven" by IBM


Bytware Inc., a provider of iSeries security and antivirus solutions, announced that its StandGuard security and anti-virus solutions have been granted the "ServerProven" certification by IBM.

Well known for delivering state of the art security solutions, Bytware's StandGuard Network Security and StandGuard Anti-Virus offer benefits not available today from any other iSeries vendor. Bytware's approach to securing the iSeries, as well as its exceptional customer satisfaction feedback, are the key reasons that both products were granted ServerProven status by IBM. Ultimately, the IBM ServerProven certification benefits the customer because it helps them choose solutions with added confidence by reducing the cycle of "guess and test."

StandGuard Network Security is a real-time iSeries security solution that allows you to easily set up and enforce your security policies. It controls access to (and functionality in) network services and system commands to protect your system and data from accidental or intentional damage. StandGuard Network Security complements external firewall security, protects corporate assets on your iSeries servers, and prevents unauthorized access and deletion of corporate data.

StandGuard Anti-Virus is the first and only iSeries server-based virus detection product available today. StandGuard Anti-Virus is a native iSeries solution designed to protect your network servers from being infected by viruses that are hiding on the iSeries. StandGuard Anti-Virus scans the iSeries for viruses and performs advanced cleaning and notification procedures. StandGuard Anti-Virus incorporates the latest generation of McAfee's scanning engine, in turn making StandGuard Anti-Virus a mature product backed by battle-tested technology, advanced heuristic analysis, and generic detection and cleaning.

With both products implemented, customers can be confident in knowing their systems, data, and networks are protected. The IBM ServerProven seal is proof of our commitment to you. For more information, on StandGuard products, visit

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