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LXI introduces iSeries backup server

LXI introduces iSeries backup server


LXI Corp. has announced software that allows the iSeries to run as a backup server technology. Any iSeries running LXI's MMS software with the Universal Client module can manage and administer the backups for any Windows, UNIX or Linux client platforms. This is the first and only enterprise storage management software solution available today that allows IT managers to centrally track all backup information, protect all backup media and share hardware across the enterprise.

"The iSeries is perfectly positioned as a backup server," says Tim Kormos, Product Manager at LXI. "With the iSeries, organizations gain the security and reliability not available in open system counterparts. With MMS and the Universal Client, we have effectively changed how the iSeries fits into the enterprise backup and recovery architecture. Instead of being an island, separated from the other platforms, the iSeries can now be the center of the backup and recovery strategy."

With MMS and the Universal Client, organizations can leverage existing hardware resources across the enterprise, set backup policies for Windows, UNIX, and Linux platforms from one central location, dynamically manage devices, protect tapes against accidental overwrites or erasures, manage content to quickly locate data for recovery, and centralize vault management with comprehensive off-site location movement control.

Fast and economical, MMS and Universal Client offer organizations flexibility and reliability across the enterprise. IT managers gain the assurance that all of the corporate data is adequately saved and protected—regardless of platform. An extension of MMS, Universal Client provides the ability to setup and execute backup and recovery tasks for any client from a single location. Jobs can run automatically and without any operator intervention. There are no disk caching requirements, allowing the backup to run at the speed of the device.

With LXI's MMS and the Universal Client, your organization is able to do the following:

* Centralize policy management and tape administration across the enterprise
* Consolidate cross-platform backup data into a single database
* View all backup content from a single console
* Share and dynamically manage tape devices across platforms
* Protect backup media from accidental overwrites
* Reduce recovery time by implementing full or incremental backup strategies

Learn more about the LXI Universal Client at

About MMS
Since 1991, MMS for the iSeries has grown to be a comprehensive family of storage management applications that efficiently saves, preserves, protects, and restores data. MMS simplifies, prioritizes and automates backups and backup policies, performs concurrent saves, and automates recovery requirements. Hierarchical storage management helps ensure storage resources are used efficiently, and spooled file management automates the archiving and restoring of spooled files, reports, and special forms. MMS uses no proprietary commands, making integration into customer environments seamless and fast. MMS gives managers the flexibility to adapt the product to any combination of data protection and recovery requirements.

Additional capabilities such as hot backups of Lotus Notes/Domino, automated tape consolidation for data life cycle management, duplication, automated device management, and shared tape library management bring cutting-edge iSeries backup control to every data center. Quick access to saved data, extensive vaulting, and off-site management give customers complete confidence in a quick recovery in the event of a disaster. Learn more about MMS at

About LXI Corp.
LXI is focused on helping businesses manage their enterprise storage needs in heterogeneous environments, simplifying cross platform storage policy administration, integrating disparate platforms and network backup products, and consolidating media information for centralized control and management. By providing end-to-end data protection solutions, from high availability through comprehensive disaster recovery including backup, recovery, device and tape management, HSM, and vaulting, LXI helps ensure that all data is backed up and tracked, that all saved data is protected, giving organization data assurance across the enterprise for full recoverability and regulatory compliance.

With LXI, customers gain the benefit of industry-leading enterprise storage management products and services for midrange systems. Additionally, by partnering with storage software and hardware industry leaders, LXI brings together the experience, the products, and the integration necessary to provide complete data assurance. LXI ensures there are no leaks, no losses, and no loose ends across the enterprise.

To learn more about LXI, visit or call 214.260.9002.

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