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New Surveyor/400 version -- SQL and data transferring enhancements

New Surveyor/400 version -- SQL and data transferring enhancements


Linoma Software has announced a major new release of Surveyor/400, the complete graphical productivity suite for the iSeries and AS/400. Surveyor/400 now allows you to export to an Excel format, import Excel files directly to an iSeries database file, create new database files intelligently when doing imports and enhanced the SQL Wizard.

Adding the ability to export to an Excel format now allows a user to choose virtually any format, including CSV, Tab, fixed-width, HTML, XML and a user-defined delimiter. Importing an Excel file directly to an iSeries database file will allow users to work with data in Excel, save it and quickly import it in a few simple steps.

When importing a PC file, the user has the option to import to an existing database file or create a new iSeries database file. When choosing to create a new file, the new version of Surveyor/400 will scan the source file for the longest value in each field and the type of data in the field and have the Create Table Wizard default to the largest size and type.

The SQL Wizard now gives a user the option to create an INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statement for the user. Previously, it created only SELECT statements. This feature will greatly aid a user who is just learning SQL but wants to use the power SQL offers. By simply selecting the file, fields and filter criteria in a graphical interface, a user can create SQL statements without needing any SQL experience.

Surveyor/400's productivity tools allow you to graphically edit database files, download/upload database records, FTP objects, manage the IFS, create/change database structures, schedule transfers, view and convert to PDF spooled files and run SQL statements. A FREE single user license of Surveyor/400 is available for download at or by calling 1-800-949-4696 or (402) 334-7513. Pricing for unlimited user access is tier-priced from $995 to $3495.

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