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Aldon enhances change management solution set with new release of Aldon/CMS

Aldon enhances change management solution set with new release of Aldon/CMS


Aldon Computer Group announced the release of Aldon/CMS version 7.2. Aldon/CMS 7.2, designed for managing an iSeries-specific software development lifecycle, has many new enhancements for the iSeries developer, including extensive support of SQL objects, dynamic archiving and enhanced distribution.

"Aldon is the only software configuration management company that builds SCM solutions tailored to the specific needs of all development platforms," said Daniel Magid, president, Aldon Computer Group. "With Aldon/CMS 7.2, iSeries developers can manage the development and movement of all objects, including SQL, through every stage of the application development process."

A summary of Aldon/CMS 7.2 enhancements include the following:

Comprehensive SQL Object Support -- Under Aldon/CMS 7.2, SQL objects, such as tables, views, indices, aliases, functions, user-defined types and triggers, are managed in exactly the same fashion as other iSeries objects. This provides greater control of the iSeries development process and also provides iSeries development shops the advantage of portability of data, data definitions, and code across distributed machines.

Dynamic System Archiving -- Aldon/CMS 7.2 supports the creation of archives anytime during the development process. Not only does this powerful new function allow archive creation prior to development, but also during development, testing, and production phases. Management can now determine dynamically when to archive in response to evolving business requirements.

Enhanced Object Distribution to Remote Machines -- Aldon/CMS 7.2's new distribution profile setting allows the creation of rules for overriding the distribution operation, enabling or inhibiting users from overriding a distribution and thereby better assuring the state of an IT environment at the end of a distribution. Aldon/CMS can also recover from a failed distribution, restoring the system to its prior state. In addition, new function keys have been added to the user interface, enhancing the control, speed, and accuracy of distribution.

SQL Statement Generation -- Since Aldon/CMS 7.2 uses IBM APIs to generate data definition language statements for existing objects, users can define SQL objects to Aldon/CMS with or without source. Users do not have to supply scripts to create or change objects. Aldon/CMS generates the required SQL statements whenever necessary.

Those and other new features enable the award-winning Aldon/CMS to continue to provide iSeries developers with an iSeries-specific environment for bringing control, automation, tools and information to the software maintenance and development process. Aldon/CMS 7.2 is fully integrated with Aldon's entire line of enterprise-class software configuration management solutions, including its platform-independent solution, Aldon Affiniti.

About Aldon Computer Group
Aldon Computer Group is the leading software provider of e-business development management solutions designed for enterprise development teams to get more applications into production quickly while increasing the responsiveness to end-users. Aldon Affiniti Suite manages the entire e-business development lifecycle across all platforms with tightly integrated products that seamlessly span Windows, Unix, Linux, iSeries and Web environments. More than 5,000 companies rely on Aldon's time-tested development expertise and award-winning solutions to rapidly build, deploy, maintain and support their mission-critical software. Aldon customers include nine of the top ten Fortune 100 firms. Established in 1979, Aldon operates globally and is headquartered in Emeryville, Calif. More information can be found at

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