Kisco announces SafeNet/400 7.0

Kisco announces SafeNet/400 7.0


Kisco Information Systems announced a major new release for its flagship product, SafeNet/400, a network security solution for the IBM iSeries and AS/400 platforms. The new release, version 7.0, features dramatically improved performance, more robust administrative functions and completely redesigned pricing and packaging. "Version 7.0 of SafeNet/400 reflects our commitment to the field of IBM midrange security, which we entered in 1996 and have been leading ever since," says Rich Loeber, president and owner of Kisco Information Systems. He continues, "The new release also demonstrates our commitment to affordability and flexibility for customers of all sizes and systems requirements."

New features
The most significant enhancements to SafeNet/400 v7.0 include a new GUI interface, performance improvements, optional DDM transaction tracking by system name, expanded "trusted user" features, and improved transaction purge processing.

The new interface, called "Nav-Central," provides a GUI PC-based client for controlling network security settings in SafeNet/400. Most of the settings previously handled only by the green screen interface can now be easily controlled using Nav-Central. In addition to controlling settings, the Nav-Central interface can be used to review history transactions.

Performance improvements have been made to SafeNet/400 in several areas. The entire SQL command interpretation process has been revamped and tightened up. The result is a 20-fold increase in throughput when checking SQL commands via the exit point.

Also with Release 7 of SafeNet/400, DDM transactions can now be traced by the source system name or by user profile. This new global setting is very helpful for customers using peer DDM processing between attached iSeries-AS/400 systems.

"Trusted user" features have been expanded to limit performance bottlenecks from certain types of network applications. When a known user profile has high network traffic, that user profile can be flagged in SafeNet/400 as a trusted user and security checking can be bypassed. This is recommended for only certain specific types of applications, such as fax systems and other client software that runs under a special designated user profile.

The SafeNet/400 transaction history has also been improved to make the purge easier to run on systems with very high network traffic requirements.

New pricing and packaging
Perhaps the most important change in SafeNet/400 v7.0 is the change to a tiered package and pricing structure that will grant IT departments of different sizes and needs access to SafeNet/400's market leading protection in a more customized and efficient manner. The available packages areSafeNet/400 Lite, SafeNet/400 Basic, SafeNet/400 Advanced and SafeNet/400Enterprise.

The Lite package replaces the former Nsafe/400 Lite product. The Lite version provides entry-level network controls allowing shops to secure server functions at the user profile level.

The Basic package includes all of the Lite features plus network security to the object level. It also permits controls at the SQL verb level, CL command level, FTP command level and much more.

The Advanced package includes all of the Basic features, along with the availability of the new Nav-Central GUI interface to manage single server environments. The Enterprise product allows use of the Nav-Central to manage multiple iSeries and AS/400 server platforms from a single, centralized location.

All current SafeNet/400 customers will be classified as "Basic" users, and will have the opportunity to upgrade to either Advanced or Enterprise levels at a significant discount during the v7.0 rollout period. "We value all of our active customers," emphasizes Loeber, "and we are firmly committed to their support during the transition to v7.0."

Product history
At its core, SafeNet/400 is a network security package for the IBM iSeries and AS/400 platforms. It uses IBM exit points to protect your system from unauthorized connections from common network sources including Client Access/400, FTP and ODBC, among others. The product includes complete audit tools including access logging, audit reporting and automatic notifications. Access can be controlled through user profiles and various control parameters, such as time of day or day of week controls. Furthermore, SafeNet/400 allows you to implement these controls without changing your system configuration.

First released in 1996, SafeNet/400 was, at that time, the only available exit point based solution for network security. Now, seven years and seven releases later, Kisco Information Systems continues to retain its position of market leadership.

Full product specs and other information, including white papers, demos and security tips are available at

Kisco Information Systems offers a free 30-day evaluation of the product. The documentation can be downloaded in PDF format from To obtain a free evaluation on CD, call Kisco at (518) 897-5002 or e-mail

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