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Quadrant Software announces new high-availability FastFax servers

Quadrant Software announces new high-availability FastFax servers


Quadrant Software's FastFax fax server hardware configurations now include two new high-availability models for customers requiring continuous server operation and increased data integrity. Available for the company's FastFax/Enterprise, FastFax/Ultra, and FastFax/LAN solutions, these new fax servers provide greater security and stability to IT environments where uninterrupted fax and email delivery of mission-critical documents is crucial.

"Every company suffers some level of inconvenience, wasted time, or monetary loss when their document delivery solution goes offline," said Gary Langton, Quadrant Software President. "But for many of our customers, losing the ability to fax and email, even for a short while, can be catastrophic from a financial or regulatory perspective. These new high-availability servers add another layer of protection for customers who can't afford to go offline for any reason."

Quadrant Software's two new high-availability servers are rack-mounted. Both provide increased data integrity and availability through mirrored drives and RAID technology:

High-Availability 1 (HA1)
HA1 provides RAID-1 protection through 2 mirrored and hot swappable hard drives in addition to a redundant power supply. HA1 provides the excellent performance and reliability in a multi-user system where there are 9 or less concurrent users.

High-Availability 2 (HA2)
HA2 provides RAID-5 for an even more solid level of protection. Like HA1, it includes a redundant power supply, but utilizes three SCSI-connected, hot swappable RAID-protected hard drives for the greatest level of dependability and performance. HA2 is recommended to companies with 9 or more concurrent users running (or intending to run) full Electronic Document Distribution (EDD) solutions including electronic forms, fax and e-mail.

High-availability FastFax configurations will provide the following benefits:

* Higher Data Security: RAID protects the data stored on the array to such a degree that the array can withstand a complete failure of one hard disk (or sometimes more) without any data loss and without requiring any data to be restored from backup.

* Greater Reliability: RAID provides a much more reliable overall storage subsystem than a single disk. This lowers the chance of the storage subsystem failing as a whole. Power supplies have an auto-rollover feature to protect against unforeseen outages.

* Improved Availability: RAID systems improve data availability by providing fault tolerance as well as special features that allow for recovery from hardware faults without disruption.

* Increased, Integrated Capacity: By converting several smaller drives into a larger array, you add their capacity together. This facilitates applications or operations that require large amounts of contiguous disk space and makes disk space management simpler.

* Improved Performance: RAID systems improve performance by letting the controller make use of multiple hard disks to get around mechanical issues that bog down individual hard disks.

Quadrant Software's high-availability FastFax servers are available immediately. For more information, contact Quadrant Software at or call 800-258-3399. You can also visit to download comprehensive spec sheets for HA1 and HA2.

About Quadrant Software Quadrant Software, an IBM Business Partner, provides Electronic Document Distribution (EDD) solutions for the iSeries enterprise. Through EDD, companies digitally create and manage mission-critical documents for delivery via print, fax, or email to cut expenses, increase productivity, and improve communication. Quadrant Software's award-winning solutions are installed worldwide at some of the largest companies in a variety of vertical markets. For more information, visit us online at or call 800-258-3399/508-828-6222 in the U.S., +44 (0) 870 900 0621 in Europe.

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