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iVoice 2.03.0 delivers caller interaction improvements with text-to-speech and speech recognition ad

iVoice 2.03.0 delivers caller interaction improvements with text-to-speech and speech recognition advances

iMessaging Systems Inc. announces the release of iVoice Version 2.03.0, interactive voice response for the iSeries (AS/400). With version 2.03.0, iVoice dramatically improves its ability to provide a truly interactive experience to callers. "The goal of iVoice is to provide callers with the information they need, quickly and easily, while making their experience as human-like and interactive as possible," notes Rich Ollari, iMessaging Marketing Manager. "With 2.03.0, I believe people will be very surprised at just how far speech recognition and speech synthesis, and therefore the callers' interactive experience, have progressed."

iVoice 2.03.0 Text-to-Speech improvements further extend dynamic, on-demand computer generated speech, as follows:

  • Improved speech quality and clarity with the addition of a new version of the SpeechWorks Speechify Text-To-Speech engine.
  • iVoice now offers our customers a preference of which Text-to-Speech voice performs best in their environment with the addition of selectable "voices". Quality improvements for the male and female voices for both English and Spanish, along with the addition of the "Javier" voice, complete this effort. Javier is the latest addition to the voice selections and is a Mexican Spanish voice in the male gender.

iVoice Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) advancements improve the system's ability to work in a more interactive environment through caller "voice" commands, as follows:

  • iVoice now includes ASR support for Spanish as well as English, thus improving and broadening iVoice's audience and interactive capabilities.
  • With the addition of function keys, iVoice further enhances the conversational capabilities of the system. This feature gives iVoice the ability to recognize certain "special keywords" during any ASR command. For example, iVoice can recognize a keyword such as "agent" during any ASR interaction and the caller will be immediately transferred to a live agent. Up to 10 function keys and/or keywords may be defined.
  • iVoice ASR now supports alphanumeric recognition for applications requiring numbers that include both digits and alphabetic characters.

Other improvements include the following:

  • The iVoice runtime program has been improved to provide a more secure network environment.
  • The iVoice prompt message recorder features an improved interface with ease-of-use features such as the ability to view prompts in sorted format and a place keeper that remembers the language and last prompt used during a previous recording session.
  • The iVoice runtime program has been improved to offer greater flexibility and control regarding how iVoice responds to a call when the iSeries 400 is not available. The most requested of the new settings allows iVoice to play a custom voice prompt indicating the system status and other important information.

For the complete iVoice 2.03.0 release, send a request to

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iMessaging Systems strives to be the leading provider of "automated customer service" solutions for IBM iSeries 400 users. We continue to build our portfolio of solutions and team with our clients to enhance their customer service practices and ensure cost effective use of technology. Leading the way, our iVoice - IVR solution represents the foundation of our offerings. At iMessaging, quality, support, value and leading technology are the cornerstones of our approach. For more information, or send an e-mail to

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