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inFORM Decisions' PDF Enabler 2.07 now available: In-line PDF eDocument conversion easier, faster

inFORM Decisions' PDF Enabler 2.07 now available: In-line PDF eDocument conversion easier, faster


inFORM Decisions' in-line PDF conversion module lets users output forms and reports in PDF, natively from iSeries, Windows, UNIX, Linux based systems. PDF EnablerTM V.2.07 is a low-cost tool that makes automatic PDF conversion easy and more accessible.

Support for Mainstream Operating Systems
Among the numerous enhancements, native support for UNIX, Linux, and Windows, as well as OS/400 is one of the most significant. Users working in distributed, dedicated, or multi-platform server environments can now locally convert spooled reports and business documents into Adobe PDF formatted documents for electronic distribution or archival. For iSeries users PDF Enabler's ability to execute in a natively eliminates the need for an intermediate PC.

Universal PDFs can be accurately reproduced on any recipient computer, most mobile platforms, or when accessed on a website. A single common code set is used to accomplish PDF conversion on any platform so the footprint of PDF Enabler is small.

inFORM's PDF Enabler can now be linked to any Windows application with a DLL. Web-based eCommerce applications and others can call PDF Enabler's conversion capabilities internally and output PDF formatted documents without requiring developers to write special code. Calls to PDF enabler can also be embedded in CL, RPG and COBOL programs.

Companies that transmit documents containing barcodes, MICR, TrueType fonts and other downloadable fonts can now take advantage of V. 2.07's ability to handle soft fonts. Any output content can be faithfully reproduced without substituting fonts.

Advanced document conversion routines used to create PDFs that are exclusive to PDF Enabler allow users to search and edit them, an improvement over raster based PDF encapsulations that cannot be searched.

End User Offer, iMail Free
To introduce PDF Enabler to end users, inFORM Decisions is including iMail free with the purchase of PDF Enabler through March 31, 2004. iMail, a fast and efficient method to email messages directly from iSeries – AS/400 systems, also facilitates the delivery of attached spool files in various formats including*txt, *html, *pdf, *pcl, *rtf or other database files. iMail can attach spool files with merged form overlays and graphics if used with inFORM Decisions's iDocs™ electronic form software.

inFORM normally licenses iMail for $3,000. Only an annual software maintenance fee will be due upon receipt of the product.

OEM Offer
As an incentive to developers to couple PDF Enabler with their solution, eligible candidates that sign up before March 31, 2004 will receive a free copy of the product along with documentation and technical support. Third party software developers can use PDF Enabler down stream from their applications and add functionality with no development work.

PDF Enabler can be called from any CL, RPG and COBOL program. Companies with vertical solutions for banks, insurance companies and the government among others immediately improve their competitive positions by adding PDF output capabilities.

Document Center- A Complete Self Service Document Repository
An enterprise-wide Document Center can be built with inFORMs eForms automation components as the building blocks. Invoices, checks, purchase orders and other documents can't be generated within the document center using iDocs and iChecks. This output can then be converted to PDF format with PDF Enabler. Then, iMail, iFax and iView can be integrated to handle distribution, indexing, viewing, archival and retrieval, resulting in a single point solution.

The PDF Conversion Company
According to Dan Forster, President of inFORM Decisions, "Businesses revert to exchanging paper documents and forms because they don't have easy to use and contiguous solutions for exchanging electronic documents. We bring iSeries users and others closer to a paperless environment."

In the iSeries Marketplace, very few native PDF converters exist. Davis Yokana, lead developer for PDF Enabler says, "Many require the user to download their document to a PC, perform the conversion, then upload the results back to the iSeries host."

Adobe's Portable Document Format or PDF is a universal format the preserves fonts, images, graphics, and the layout of any source document. PDFs are compact and can be read by anyone who has an Adobe PDF reader, which can be obtained for free. To date, 500 million copies have been distributed.

PDF Enabler can be licensed to any iSeries or AS/400 computer for $3,000.00. An evaluation copy of PDF Enabler can be downloaded from along with any Document Center product. Please call (800) 858 5544, (949) 609-4580, or send your request by email to

About inFORM Decisions Inc.
inFORM Decisions develops automated and secure electronic check, form systems and eCommerce solutions for iSeries-AS/400 and NT Client-Server environments. These solutions integrate with existing applications and dramatically reduce material and labor costs for their clients worldwide. inFORM Decisions develops their products with modularity in mind and delivers systems that are tailored to a client's needs.

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