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Quadrant Software's new formatter automatically compacts iSeries output for shorter business documen

Quadrant Software's new formatter automatically compacts iSeries output for shorter business documents


What if you could shrink your iSeries output from a 25-page purchase order to 10 pages? Then suppose you could digitally customize a 10-page invoice from landscape to portrait format, and then modify the header, body, and footer fields, turning that 10-page document into an easy-reading three-page document? What if you could do all of this automatically from the iSeries without any programming? It would save time, money, and postage, while cutting paper, envelopes, and toner usage.

Quadrant Software's latest module for its suite of Electronic Document Distribution (EDD) solutions, Formatter, accomplishes all of these functions automatically in conjunction with Formtastic Fusion5, Quadrant Software's electronic document design software for the iSeries 400. Used together, these products take large, difficult-to-read reports and business documents and easily reduce them to smaller, easily managed documents.

Formatter creates fewer document pages with the following functionality:

* Eliminates redundant header and footer information on all but the first and/or last page to create more room for document detail items.

* Concatenates detail items to allow for more detail lines on each page.

* Recalculates page numbers.

* Performs input data mapping to new positions on output definition.

* Inputs directly into Formtastic Fusion5 for data processing on the electronic form.

For example, instead of printing the total, freight charges, and special instructions on every page of a 10-page invoice, those items can now be configured to appear on the last page only, creating more space for invoice detail data, which reduces the total number of printed pages. That detail data can also be customized to take up less space to reduce document page count even further.

Similarly, a five page purchase order can be reformatted so that the TO and FROM addresses appear on the first page only and not on every page and then configured to allow more detail data to appear in the place of wasted white space.

Formatter uses a dual-screen PC GUI that lets administrators download, modify, and view original and reformatted spool data simultaneously, then output a shorter, intelligently reformatted spool file that is ready for data mapping and a professional design using Formtastic. Once spool data is reformatted using Formatter, those modifications can be saved as a document template that resides on the iSeries and can be applied to spool data automatically in the future. Mission-critical documents become shorter without sacrificing readability or requiring complex customized programming.

"Many iSeries 400 companies already know the benefits of an electronic forms solution," says Gary Langton, Quadrant Software President. "No storage or expense for pre-printed forms, no wrestling with print shops, and no need to throw away old forms because of some minor change. Now with Formatter, we combine those benefits with the ability to create shorter documents that use fewer printing and faxing resources as well as smaller attachments when delivering documents by email."

The release of Formatter marks yet another trend-setting innovation from the company that has established itself as a leader in Electronic Document Distribution solutions that are engineered, sold, and supported all by a single vendor, Quadrant Software.

Formatter is available for immediate purchase and will be released Dec. 22, 2003. To celebrate the release, Quadrant Software is offering three free document templates for all purchases made before Dec. 12, 2003.

Pricing for Formatter starts at $1,995 (USD). For details on this special offer, and to download the Formatter Spec Sheet, visit

About Quadrant Software
Quadrant Software, an IBM Business Partner, provides Electronic Document Distribution (EDD) solutions for the iSeries enterprise. Through EDD, companies digitally create and manage mission-critical documents for delivery via print, fax, or email to cut expenses, increase productivity, and improve communication. Quadrant Software's award-winning solutions are installed worldwide at some of the largest companies in a variety of vertical markets. For more information, visit us online at or call 800-258-3399/508-828-6222 in the U.S., +44 (0) 870 900 0621 in Europe.

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