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eStorage E.S.P. remote monitoring software enhances customer service

eStorage E.S.P. remote monitoring software enhances customer service


eStorage, a leading provider of storage solutions for IBM mid-range computers, announced eStorage System Protection (E.S.P), a software package designed to improve customer service by automatically notifying eStorage's Technical Support group whenever there is a disk problem on the customer's iSeries or AS/400 computer system. E.S.P. can also be used as a preventive maintenance tool, because it lets the representative view hardware warning messages and recommend the appropriate adjustments before the condition becomes fatal. The E.S.P. software is being bundled as part of eStorage's maintenance contracts.

E.S.P. monitors the system hardware on a real-time basis and sends an alert whenever a relevant error condition occurs. The eStorage tech support representative then has immediate access to information about the customer, system configuration, operating system and PTF levels, disk and CPU utilization, and much more. As a result, the tech support representative can efficiently resolve many of the issues over the phone without the need for additional information from the customer.

"Quality service is extremely important to our customer base, because iSeries and AS/400 computers are generally used in mission critical applications," said John Gimpl, eStorage's executive vice president. "The remote monitoring capabilities of our new E.S.P. software will allow us to respond very quickly to our customers and diagnose their problems when they occur. By the way, E.S.P. provides all of the features of IBM's Service Director software, plus some additional capabilities."

E.S.P. is an OS/400-compatible software package that runs on virtually any iSeries or AS/400 computer. It uses a dial-out SDLC connection for maximum security, and it can share an existing ECS modem or other modem line.

E.S.P. is included at no additional charge in the maintenance contracts of customers who own fifteen or more eStorage disk drives. It can also be purchased for $495 per year by any other eStorage customer who has a maintenance contract. E.S.P is scheduled for general release in early December.

For additional details about E.S.P., contact eStorage at (800) 598-9910 or visit the company's Web site at

About eStorage
eStorage Inc. is a leading manufacturer of enterprise storage systems. Focusing on the IBM iSeries™ and AS/400® mid-range computer market, eStorage provides a full range of high-end disk subsystems, tape subsystems, automated tape libraries, and high availability software. These sophisticated solutions offer higher performance, greater functionality, increased uptime, and reduced costs compared to competing products. Based in Irvine, Calif., eStorage sells and services its products worldwide.

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