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Touchtone Corp. releases Wintouch eCRM 6.0

Touchtone Corp. releases Wintouch eCRM 6.0


Touchtone Corporation, a leading developer of native OS/400 software for the IBM iSeries - AS/400 announced the release of Version 6.0 of Wintouch eCRM. Wintouch is a complete CRM solution designed specifically for the iSeries to enable smoother, more cost-effective integration with existing OS/400 ERP systems and other back-end AS/400 applications and DB2 data.

A few of the new features in Wintouch 6.0 include the following:

* Integration with IBM Lotus Notes -- Now Wintouch users can save incoming and outgoing Lotus Notes email in the Wintouch DB2 database. Email attachments are saved in an IFS folder and can be viewed from the Wintouch Activity Log.

* Web Forms -- The Wintouch Administrator can create secure web forms using a simple, "drag-n-drop" user interface. These interactive forms are deployed on a Tomcat server enhancing a company's static web site. Employees, customers, or business partners can access the forms to submit information to the CRM database, which then optionally prompts Wintouch users for further action.

* PDA access to Web Forms -- When formatted for PDAs, web forms can be accessed by field reps, partners, even customers for orders, expense reports, surveys and more. The information is recorded in Wintouch and goes directly into integrated applications on the iSeries server.

* Customizable Web Portals -- Branded with the customer's logo and blending seamlessly with the look and feel of their corporate website, customizable portals enable customer profile updates, event registration or a shopping cart.

* Import Data Tool -- With a "click of an icon," users can now import comma, semicolon, space or tab delimited prospect lists directly into Wintouch and schedule activities for sales representatives at the same time. A "drag-n-drop" wizard helps users map the imported data into the appropriate system or user-defined fields in Wintouch.

* MapQuest Integration -- With another "click of an icon" from the Account screen, Wintouch opens a new browser window with a map of the Account's location. Field representatives no longer have to hunt for a map or retype addresses into MapQuest.

Touchtone is also committed to the continued development of Wintouch eCRM to meet the needs of existing users. Several of the features added in response to specific requests by customers include the following:

* Users can customize of many of the Wintouch screens using a "drag-n-drop" design tool.

* A "Preferences Tab" has been added to change or set the size and title of many Wintouch screens.

* Users can set the "Time Zone" when creating Activities.

* Searchable Help Files -- The all-new "Online Help" section in Wintouch 6.0 is easier than ever to access and now offers a search feature.

Over the years, Touchtone has built a solid reputation for rapid integration and deployment, as well as, cost-effective customization to each business' unique needs and industry specifications. Touchtone places an emphasis on maintaining a high level of customization in Wintouch – on the user level and on the organizational level.

A key strength of Wintouch is its ease of integration with existing iSeries software applications including those built internally by an organization. Touchtone's AS/400 expertise results in significant cost savings for customers by extending the lifespan of legacy hardware and software.

About Touchtone Corp.
Touchtone is a privately held company located in Southern California with over 12 years' expertise on the IBM OS/400 platform and over eight years in the CRM arena. Wintouch eCRM as a browser-based solution for the iSeries was first introduced in April 2000 at the eCRM 2000 Conference and Exhibition. Prior to that, Wintouch was available as a Windows-to-AS/400 client/server application. For further information about Wintouch eCRM or Touchtone Corporation, please call (714) 755-2810.

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