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Help/Systems announces Robot/CONSOLE 4.0

Help/Systems announces Robot/CONSOLE 4.0


Help/Systems, developer of the Robot Automated Operations Solution for the iSeries, announced the release of Robot/CONSOLE 4.0, the newest version of its message management software. Robot/CONSOLE 4.0 not only continues to handle iSeries messages, it now monitors resources and FTP, QHST, and the security audit journal, giving users more reasons to feel confident that their iSeries is running at its full potential.

Resource monitoring assures that users will never be caught off-guard if a critical line, device, server, job, subsystem—and more—becomes unavailable. Robot/CONSOLE checks the status of defined resources at regular intervals, allowing it to take immediate action if it finds a problem. A resource whose status is not as expected triggers a message. Robot/CONSOLE then uses its powerful message-handling capabilities to react to the situation, either by executing a procedure or sending a message to an expert.

System log monitoring helps manage FTP requests, the security audit journal, and the system history log (QHST). By actively monitoring these system logs, users can see at a glance who executed an FTP transaction, who modified a system value, or the number of objects that were not saved in the most recent backup. A logged event produces a message, allowing users to define Robot/CONSOLE message management procedures to handle the message.

Robot/CONSOLE 4.0 also introduces message groups, which allow users to group messages into logical categories based on the source of the message. Users might define message groups by application, by programming groups, or other company-specific departments. When a message arrives on a message queue, the message group can determine the type of processing that should take place.

About Help/Systems Inc.
Help/Systems, Inc. is the world's leader in automated operations software for IBM iSeries computers. For more information, visit our Web site at, or contact Tom Huntington, at (952) 933-0609 or

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