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Bytware develops StandGuard Premier Customer program, cuts costs on StandGuard Network Security

Bytware develops StandGuard Premier Customer program


Traditionally a vendor might require a customer to purchase a whole suite of products to benefit from incentive or discount promotions, but not Bytware. Bucking the trend, Bytware has developed the StandGuard Premier Customer program. The program allows StandGuard Anti-Virus customers to pick and choose the StandGuard Security products that best suit their needs, building their own custom suite, and do it at substantial promotional savings!

The StandGuard Premier Customer program provides great benefits to customers who own StandGuard Anti-Virus on a system by making them eligible for current and future StandGuard Premier Promotions.

To celebrate the launch of the new program, Bytware is offering a generous holiday gift –- a whopping 50% savings on our StandGuard Network Security for each system on which you own StandGuard Anti-Virus!

This StandGuard Premier Promotion began Nov. 1 and will run through Dec. 31. For details, visit or call 775-851-2900.

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