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Aldon augments eTEAM 6.0 with new collaborative enhancements for application support teams and their

Aldon augments eTEAM 6.0 with new collaborative enhancements for application support teams and their users


Aldon Computer Group, a leader in enterprise-class software configuration management, has officially released version 6.0 of its Web-based incident tracking and collaboration system. eTEAM 6.0 greatly improves communications across application users, support and development, significantly shortening the time required for problem resolution.

A summary of eTEAM 6.0 enhancements includes the following:

Coordinated Team Collaboration and Assignment Rules – Users of eTEAM 6.0 can now be organized into functional teams, such as development, operations and support. Issues can be assigned to teams rather than any one individual, allowing multiple members within a team or across teams to resolve issues through coordinated communications. If resolving an issue involves the participation of several team members, several teams or both, eTEAM 6.0 also enables the creation of subtasks related to multiple elements of the same issue. Many members can work on these subtasks in parallel, and eTEAM 6.0 will track the progress of the subtasks, knowing when the issue is complete. Assignment rules can be established to automatically partition issues into subtasks and assign subtasks. All Issue/subtask status and hierarchy information is visible in inquiry windows and in eTEAM 6.0 reports.

Improved Support, Development, and Application User Intercommunications with Calendaring, Templates, and Messaging – eTEAM 6.0's new "quick" issue templates allow system administrators to predefine common issue records. When any related issue arises, an application user simply selects the desired template, and eTEAM 6.0 will automatically fill in the pre-defined fields and assign the required subtasks to the appropriate support personnel. eTEAM 6.0's new calendar also allows scheduling and email notification, such as notifying application users of an upcoming event or alerting support staff of a severity-level-one issue. Users of Microsoft Outlook can easily have a scheduled event automatically synchronized with their Microsoft Outlook calendar. In addition, new built-in instant messaging and emailing enables support to more easily communicate with the end-user base.

Management Initiated Metrics, Reporting, and Knowledge Base Creation – In eTEAM 6.0, management and system administrators can create their own comprehensive and detailed reports, charts and tables through simple, easy-to-use report-building menu options. Management and system administrators can also define multiple knowledge bases, such as an external knowledge base for application user self-service and an internal knowledge base that provides technical product information for IT support engineers.

Support for Web Services and .NET – eTEAM 6.0 supports .NET, XML and SOAP, enabling access to other Web and distributed IT services for easy retrieval of information and remote initiation of tasks.

"Aldon endlessly strives to quicken and better manage every stage of the enterprise software development and maintenance process, including the IT support function," comments Daniel Magid, president of Aldon Computer Group. "Aldon Affiniti eTEAM 6.0 achieves this by vastly improving intercommunications among team members, entire groups of teams, and between application uses and their support personnel."

Aldon Affiniti eTEAM 6.0 is fully integrated with Aldon's entire line of enterprise-class software configuration management solutions. eTEAM 6.0 provides powerful end-to-end support and workflow management for software developers, support staff, IT management and application users.

About Aldon Computer Group
Aldon Computer Group is the leading software provider of e-business development management solutions designed for enterprise development teams to get more applications into production quickly while increasing the responsiveness to end-users. Aldon Affiniti Suite manages the entire e-business development lifecycle across all platforms with tightly integrated products that seamlessly span Windows, Unix, Linux, iSeries and Web environments. More than 5,000 companies rely on Aldon's time-tested development expertise and award-winning solutions to rapidly build, deploy, maintain and support their mission-critical software. Aldon customers include nine of the top ten Fortune 100 firms. Established in 1979, Aldon operates globally and is headquartered in Emeryville, California. More information can be found at

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