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New SkyView Risk Assessor for OS/400 security software helps determine business risk

New SkyView Risk Assessor for OS/400 security software helps determine business risk


SkyView Partners announced general availability of a new product, SkyView Risk Assessor Software for OS/400.

"Over the last year and half in the security consulting business we've worked with a large number of OS/400 shops seeking to address the security issues they face on OS/400. One thing we see consistently is that our customers are beginning to look at security as a business decision." said Carol Woodbury, Co-Founder and President of SkyView Partners LLC. "A business decision where they have a choice of accepting risk or doing something about the security risks they see. However, before they can make that decision, they need the information to understand the risks they face. That's what spurred the idea of the SkyView Risk Assessor software. "

"Businesses are faced with numerous regulations – some of which dictate specific data security requirements such as HIPAA and GLBA - and some -- such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act - only allude to them. However, what we have found in researching the various regulations is that in all cases, a risk analysis is required," says John Vanderwall, Co-Founder and CEO of SkyView Partners. "Once the analysis has been made and the business risk assessed, companies can choose to take action or choose to accept the risk."

SkyView Risk Assessor for OS/400 gathers numerous security data points and compares them to security best practices. The Risk Assessor software produces a number of reports that let you understand your configuration versus security best practices, explains why your settings may represent a risk and provides a plan on how to address the security issue that's identified.

"We aren't in the business of selling security solutions beyond our Risk Assessor product." said Carol Woodbury, President of SkyView Partners, LLC. "Frankly, the key to our risk assessment solution is the fact that it is an unbiased assessment. SkyView Risk Assessor is designed to give you the information you need to make an informed "risk" decision. With this product you can choose the path of mitigating your risk by implementing the plans outlined in the Risk Assessor reports, or understand the risk and accept it. If you choose to mitigate, the value of Risk Assessor is that you can always run the reports again and track your progress to resolution."

About SkyView Partners
SkyView Partners is a security specialty firm working with IBM AS/400 and iSeries customers and Business Partners to architect and implement sound security policies and practices as well as perform security assessments for the OS/400 platform. SkyView Partners is lead by Carol Woodbury who recently was Chief OS/400 Security Architect for the IBM iSeries product line, and by John Vanderwall who has held executive level positions in an iSeries security software firm and developed consulting businesses and product lines for major software companies in the past. To learn more, visit the SkyView Partners web site at

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