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Quadrant Software's Formtastic Fusion5 delivers full PDF support, seamless document imaging software

Quadrant Software's Formtastic Fusion5 delivers full PDF support, seamless document imaging software integration


Quadrant Software, a leader in Electronic Document Distribution (EDD) solutions for the iSeries enterprise, has released version 5.1.3 of its Formtastic Fusion5 solution for digitally creating, populating, and managing electronic forms, MICR checks, and bar code labels. Formtastic Fusion5 allows for the easy creation, modification, and delivery of mission-critical documents to plain paper printers from the iSeries 400, eliminating expensive pre-printed forms and unsecure blank checks.

The new release offers complete PDF support to output electronic forms to PDF or TIF files, as well as groundbreaking interfaces tailored to document imaging and archiving solutions from Gauss Interprise, Real Vision Software, Inc. (RVI), Vanguard Systems Inc., and others.

PDF/TIF support

Formtastic PDF Support makes PDF and TIF creation/delivery as easy as document printing. In addition to delivering electronic forms to plain paper printers, forms can be delivered to other users directly from Formtastic as PDF and TIF files. This functionality expands document flexibility and access in several areas:

* Adobe Acrobat's universal PDF and the industry-standard TIF formats can be opened and viewed on any computer.

* PDF and TIF files can be sent to local Web folders and then uploaded to the Internet.

* Allows the user to customize PDF file names so specific documents are easy to locate and identify.

Archival/imaging support

This new Formtastic release tightly integrates with image/archival solutions. Business documents generated from Formtastic can be automatically indexed for later retrieval using image/archival systems from Gauss Interprise (VIP DocManager), RealVision Software (RVI), Vanguard Systems (IMS/21), and others. For example, invoices can be automatically indexed to the document imaging system by customer name, customer number, and invoice date, allowing those documents to be located and retrieved using the same criteria. Companies that utilize document-imaging solutions can expect the following benefits:

* Cut numerous manual steps required to classify and archive individual documents for later retrieval.

* This functionality is fully customizable and can save hours and possibly days of work time per week at companies with high document volume.

* Eliminate the potential for human error at this stage of document imaging and archiving.

Total solution

In addition to PDF and Archival/Imaging Support, Formtastic integrates seamlessly into Quadrant Software's popular FastFax Family of Products to deliver mission-critical documents by email and fax, which brings the following benefits into play:

* Key business documents are delivered by fax or email (in PDF or TIF format) without end user intervention.

* Transparent integrations with key iSeries business applications for end-to-end EDD encompassing document creation, incoming/outgoing delivery, and archiving.

* Little or no programming is required.

"This new functionality is critical to EDD," commented Gary Langton, Quadrant Software President. "Allowing Formtastic users to output documents as PDFs provides greater versatility and wider access to key documents. In document imaging, the tedious, time-consuming manual task of indexing business documents has been made completely automatic."

Combined into a single, integrated solution, Formtastic Fusion5 offers iSeries 400 customers the power to create and deliver professional documents to inexpensive in-house printers and avoid the costly hassle of reprogramming applications, maintaining impact printers, ordering pre-printed forms, and time-consuming edits to existing forms, checks, and labels.

Formtastic Fusion5 integrates with all major application vendors including J.D. Edwards, MAPICS, SSA Global Technologies (BPCS, PRMS, and Infinium), daly.commerce, Friedman, Lawson, and many more. Pricing for Formtastic Fusion5 V5.1.3 starts at $8,400 (USD). PDF Module for Formtastic is sold separately at $2,495.

About Quadrant Software
Quadrant Software, an IBM Business Partner, provides a suite of Electronic Document Distribution (EDD) solutions for the iSeries enterprise. Through EDD, companies electronically create and manage mission critical documents that are then delivered via print, fax or the e-mail to reduce expenses, increase productivity and improve communication. Quadrant Software's award-winning solutions are installed around the globe at some of the world's largest companies in a variety of vertical markets. For more information on Quadrant Software and its EDD solutions visit us online at or call 800-258-3399/508-828-6222 in the US, +44 (0) 870 900 0621 in Europe.

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