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EXTOL UCCnet Integrator Early Adopter Program fully subscribed

EXTOL UCCnet Integrator Early Adopter Program fully subscribed


EXTOL International, a provider of B2B integration software for the mid-sized enterprise, announced that the Early Adopter Program (EAP) for the EXTOL UCCnet Application was fully subscribed. The participants are using the UCCnet Integrator Application and EXTOL Business Integration Platform to address the full range of issues needed for UCCnet compliance. They will also receive advanced support in bringing their UCCnet initiative up to full speed. In addition, these organizations are entitled to use the EXTOL Business Integration Platform for enterprise wide application integration and will not be limited to UCCnet target data only.

The program was limited to supply side organizations that need a fully supported, fast track to UCCnet compliance. Their requirements include back office integration capabilities for machine-to-machine round-trip synchronization and integration of UCCnet trade item data. Among the Early Adopters of the EXTOL Business Integrator and the UCCnet application are: Alpha Mills, American Italian Pasta Company (AIPC), Duraco Products, Maxwell Shoe, Overhead Door, and Shop Vac.

"The EXTOL Solution to the UCCnet Challenge goes right to the heart of the matter", stated Jay Heavilon of MARS Interactive, an EXTOL Business Partner using the UCCnet Integrator to assist small companies with fewer that 50 SKUs. "The major effort in UCCnet compliance is aggregating the information needed for product item data attributes. This requires integration with a wide array of business application software, databases, and even paper based systems. Of equal importance are the capabilities to maintain and manage a central catalog of the UCCnet required data. The more mundane tasks of conversion to the XML formats and connecting to the GLOBALregistry securely over the Internet are less than 25% of the overall effort."

Dennis Bonagura, EXTOL's President & COO commented, "EXTOL was able to rapidly respond to the new requirements of the UCCnet Data Integration Services Release 2.2 because our UCCnet application is built on the EXTOL Business Integration Platform. The platform delivers the features and functions needed to rapidly accommodate changes in product item data requirements, process and system changes, including the XML schema and intelligent routing of documents. These are the same capabilities our clients need in accommodating the mandates of their customers in the retail industry."

About the EXTOL UCCnet Integrator
The centerpiece of EXTOL's UCCnet offering is the EXTOL UCCnet Integrator application built on the EXTOL Business Integration Platform. Together, they address every business and technology component of the UCCnet product item data synchronization challenge. This product is a customizable and extensible application for aggregating, maintaining, and synchronizing trade item data. It includes a machine-to-machine interface to the UCCnet GLOBALregistry, along with a collection of predefined synchronization processes that automate the communication of item data and responses with the UCCnet GLOBALregistry. EXTOL UCCnet Integrator captures, maintains, and synchronizes item data using a local trade item catalog whose predefined schema includes all UCCnet defined item attributes as well as organization, location, market group, and other supporting entities and attributes.

About EXTOL International Inc.
EXTOL is a leading provider of B2B integration application software for the mid-sized enterprise. EXTOL enables companies to exchange and integrate transactions and documents, regardless of form or format, between their applications and those of their partners. EXTOL is focused on equipping the enterprise to succeed in the world of e-business.

EXTOL Business Integrator is a B2B integration platform underlying applications for Electronic Commerce. EXTOL is focused on equipping the mid-sized enterprise to succeed in the world of e-business with EDI, AS2, XML, UCCnet and the integration required to take full advantage of supply chain functionality.

Unlike the tools, components and traditional technologies available to build EC or B2B capabilities, EXTOL provides a single, comprehensive business integration platform, featuring automated functions for partner set up and communications, as well as application, business and process integration. For the resource constrained enterprise, EXTOL offers rapid deployment of a comprehensive EC system with a low cost of IT ownership. For more information about EXTOL and its business integration products, go to

About MARS Interactive
MARS Interactive, an EXTOL Business Partner, provides cost-effective content design, production and management services for small and medium size enterprises. Their focus is creating and maintaining data and application content, including images, descriptions, and key selling features, technical specs and B2B data. For more information about MARS Interactive, please go to

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