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LANSA named one of five solution providers that passed beta testing for UCCnet Hardlines suppliers

LANSA named one of five solution providers that passed beta testing for UCCnet Hardlines suppliers


LANSA has officially completed UCCnet XSD Hardlines testing with LANSA UCCnet Direct, a turnkey, full data synchronization solution, preloaded with all the required UCCnet supplier-side transactions and functionality. The focus of the UCCnet services version 2.2 testing was the Hardlines industry, which includes suppliers to retailers, such as Ace, The Home Depot and Lowe's. By passing this testing, LANSA is positioned to support Hardlines data in their current data synchronization products.

The new XSD, or schema, technology in version 2.2 supports new industry verticals, such as Hardlines, Apparel and Office Supplies. As a result of this schema technology, UCCnet services will continue to support these new verticals as their data and functionality needs evolve.

Partners completed the Beta UCCnet XSD Hardlines testing by:

1. Demonstrating that their applications could support the new version 2.2 XSD technology and the extended Hardlines data requirements.

2. Conducting "stress tests" on their products to prove that they would function properly under real-world conditions.

3. Holding previous UCCnet data synchronization certifications.

4. Committing to keeping current with the UCCnet data synchronization technology as it evolves.

Alan Christensen, LANSA's vice president of solution products, said, "LANSA passing Beta on UCCnet services release v2.2 provides Hardlines suppliers with the ability to publish extended Item information (151 attributes plus Hardlines extensions) conversant with the new EAN.UCC Schema standard. Always looking forward, we took this opportunity to build in a class extension foundation that goes beyond just Hardlines to support other industries rapidly adopting UCCnet services, such as Produce, FMCG, OTC, office supplies and HBC, to name a few."

"Of considerable interest to an existing UCCnet services subscriber is LANSA's ability to support both DTD and Schema modes concurrently with the same instance of our solution. When retailers start to request Schema synchronization within the coming months, our customers will be able to do this with no upgrades or additional cost," concluded Christensen.

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