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BOSaNOVA announces new 400 MHz thin client

BOSaNOVA announces new 400 MHz thin client


BOSaNOVA announced that it has added another member to its thin client family: the Linux-based BOSÂNOVA LTC-400. The new model employs a VIA 400 MHz processor and replaces the BOSÂNOVA LTC-300 launched earlier this year, offering more power in a smaller unit, for less money.

"The BOSÂNOVA LTC-400 will be our entry-level thin client," stated Martin Pladgeman, President of BOSaNOVA Inc. "It has twice the CPU performance, twice the memory (128MB), and twice the capacity (64MB DOM) of the recently introduced SiS550-based 'Mini' line of products promoted by Wyse and other thin client providers. At a list price of just $495, the BOSÂNOVA LTC-400 sets the new standard for price performance amongst thin clients with embedded iSeries emulation."

The BOSÂNOVA LTC-400 joins the BOSÂNOVA LTC-600 (the high-end Linux-based model) and the BOSÂNOVA XTC-400 (the recently announced Windows XP-based model) in BOScom's rapidly growing family of thin client solutions. These thin client terminals provide a low cost, easily configurable and versatile solution for TN5250e with GUI and TN3270e connectivity, as well as highly cost-effective access to Windows desktop applications residing on a Microsoft Windows NT/2000 Terminal Server or Citrix. Centralized configuration and user management, including security, drastically reduce cost of ownership, while the versatility of the hardware platform and customization capabilities increase user productivity.

The benefits of a Linux-based system, as opposed to Windows CE and Windows CE.Net, are readily apparent: support for scaleable windows; Java Virtual Machine; a browser that can be used as a Domino/Notes client; X-Windows connectivity; etc. In addition, performance trials have proven that embedded 5250 applications on Linux-based thin clients run at least four times faster than on their Windows CE.Net counterparts, and more than 13 times faster than on Windows CE-based terminals. However, Linux requires more CPU to be efficient, and the new BOSÂNOVA LTC-400 MHz machine delivers that power while establishing a new standard of price performance, retailing for just $495.

The BOSÂNOVA LTC-400, which offers the same Windows XP-type user interface and Remote Administration software as the BOSÂNOVA LTC-600, comes with a choice of Web browser: Mozilla v1.3 with Sun JVM (compatible with IBM Lotus Notes Domino v. 6.5) and Pop3 email; or Firebird 0.61, one of the fastest browsers in operation. Adobe Acrobat Reader is also included, in contrast to the lower resolution XPDF supplied by other manufacturers. Support for TN5250e, TN3270e, X-Windows, Telnet with SSH, VT100, and Wyse 60 terminal emulations is also included, as is RDP and ICA for connection to Microsoft Terminal Servers and Citrix. The new units also support the BOSÂNOVA 122-key driverless PC keyboard, which increases user productivity by providing the full range of function keys for both PC and thin client environments.

Pricing and availability
The BOSÂNOVA LTC-400 is available now via BOScom's distribution channel. Demo units are also available - call (866) 865-5250 for details. List price for the unit is $495.

For more information, contact BOSaNOVA Inc. toll-free at (866) 865-5250, or send e-mail to:

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