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SAVSAVFDTA -- Save Save File Data

SAVSAVFDTA -- Save Save File Data

Definition provided courtesy of the iSeries Information Center

The Save Save File Data (SAVSAVFDTA) command saves the contents of a save file to tape, optical, or diskette media. This command saves the save data in the save file to the device in a way that allows the user to restore objects directly from the device.

A save file containing data created by the Save Security Data (SAVSECDTA) or Save Configuration (SAVCFG) command can only be saved to tape or optical. A save file containing data created by the Save Licensed Program (SAVLICPGM) command cannot be saved by this command.

The information written on media by this command is similar to the data that was previously written to the save file by the save command that originally created the save file data. This includes the object descriptions, and object contents that existed when the original save operation was done.

This command uses only the save file and device description objects; it does not refer to or modify the description or contents of the objects included in the file save data. Thus, objects included in the save file are not locked during the running of this command, and the save history information (date, place, and time when each object was last saved) is not updated by this command for each object in the save file.

The description of the save file is not included in the save operation (unless it was included with the objects that were saved to create the save data in the file). In addition, this command does not update the save history information for the save file object, so the last save operation date, time, and place always identify the last save operation of the save file object description, not its contents.

Note: This command ignores all file overrides currently in effect for the job, except for the output file.

Tips that involve the SAVSAVFDTA command:

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