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SAVSECDTA -- Save Security Data

SAVSECDTA -- Save Security Data

Definition provided courtesy of the iSeries Information Center

Use the Save Security Data (SAVSECDTA) command or the SAVSYS command to save the following security data:

  • User profiles
  • Private authorities
  • Authorization lists
  • Authority holders

You can use the SAVSYS or SAVESECDTA commands to save private authorities for objects on independent disk pools.

The server stores additional security data with each object. The server saves this security data when it saves the object, as follows:

  • Public authority
  • Owner and owner authority
  • Primary group and primary group authority
  • Authorization list linked to object

To save security data, the command does not require that your server be in a restricted state. However, you cannot delete user profiles while the server saves security data. If you change user profiles or grant authority while you save security data, your saved information may not reflect the changes.

Tips that involve the SAVESECDTA command:

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