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SAVDLO -- Save Document Library Objects

SAVDLO -- Save Document Library Objects

Definition provided courtesy of the iSeries Information Center

The Save Document Library Object (SAVDLO) command saves copies of the following:

  • Documents
  • Folders
  • Distribution objects (mail)


  1. When a folder is saved, the folder object is saved along with the documents contained in that folder and the subfolders and documents in the subfolders and all successively nested folders and documents. Specific folders can be saved individually using DLO(*FLRLVL).
  2. Distribution objects (mail) cannot be saved or restored for individual users. Mail can be saved only for all users.
  3. SAVDLO does not require a dedicated system; however, individual objects in use when the save is issued cannot be saved. To ensure all document library objects are saved, run this command when no document or folder activity is occurring on the system.

Tips that involve the SAVDLO command:

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