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SAVCHGOBJ -- Save Changed Objects

SAVCHGOBJ -- Save Changed Objects

Definition provided courtesy of the iSeries Information Center

The Save Changed Objects (SAVCHGOBJ) command saves a copy of each changed object or group of objects located in the same library. When OBJ(*ALL) is specified, objects can be saved from all user libraries or from up to 300 specified libraries. When saving to a save file, only one library can be specified. For database files, only the changed members are saved. Objects or members changed since the specified date and time are saved.

Objects changed since the specified date and time are saved with the following exceptions:

  • Start of change If OBJJRN(*NO) is specified, objects currently being journaled are not saved, unless journaling was started after the specified date and time. This ensures that changes made to an object before journaling starts are not lost (because they were not journaled in a journal receiver).
  • Freed objects (programs, files, journal receivers, and so forth) are not saved.
  • User-defined messages, job and output queue definitions, logical file definitions, and data queue descriptions are saved, but the contents of those objects are not saved. Logical file access paths are saved if ACCPTH(*YES) is specified.

Specified objects that were changed and the libraries where they reside remain locked during the save operation.

Saved objects can be restored with the Restore Object (RSTOBJ) command.

Tips that involve the SAVCHGOBJ command:

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